Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Review- Krishna Key

So Dan Brown of India- Ashwin Sanghi has launched his third book- The Krishna Key. Its on the same line as of Chankya Chant & The Rozabal Line i.e. Hindu Mythology. The book is based on  the reincarnation of the blue God Krishna as kalki in kalyug.

The story has a interesting plot & lots of twist & turns.Some how I felt a similarity in this tale with Da Vinci Code.This story describes about a delusional man who thinks of himself as "Kalki" & kills people in the name of his reason of reincarnation.The protagonist of this story is a Historian who finds himself in the midst of conspiracy & wrath after the murder of his best friend in very mysterious situation.

This story takes the reader to a roller coaster of event & interesting situation ,from the very first line to the end. The best part of the books the research done & the historic maps used (as I have no clue how dependable /true they are).But somehow the similarity of the events in the book with Da Vinci Code is a spoiler. Yes its a very interesting one time read & way above in the Indian fiction genre which keeps the reader hooked. Waiting for more good work from Mr. Singhi.

Who will like this books:
People who find conspiratorial theory amusing would definitely like this book. This book is more structured than The Rozabal Line.

Who will not like this books
People who take offense on the fiction based on religion.

Rating: 3/5

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When will I have these??

Where is the genie , when I want her......

I am so drooling over these houses.....

Will you ever want to go office

A cup of coffee in this living room watching snowfall

this is seriously fishy

A cozy corner to read a favourite book

Dinner date

Open air kitchen

& a perfect nursery


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Transforming a House into a Home!

Yes its exactly one month passed that i have not posted anything , this whole month I was busy with some or the other chore, and the most importantly setting up of my house home.

Chasing dirt, washing up, cleaning up, piling up washed laundry for ironing, folding , unfolding & re folding, stacking, arranging etc etc..this is a part of my schedule , when I am at home...I complain & even sob when things are not perfect (this is me having an OCD) but I love doing every bit of it...& at the end of the day sitting in a cosy corner  with a cup of coffee & being at peace with myself is the ultimate joy that I get.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Them -Prapti

If anyone has seen Jab we met, they would understand what I mean when I say that I feel that the character of Geet is taken from Prapti.

So when we met for the first time in Bangalore I remember a girl from Delhi coming along with Ryan, giggling on some random issue (as always), to the place where I was sitting & the very first thing I noticed in her that , she was different, yes very different from me.

Then as everyone close to both of us knows that for almost the whole year we hated each other, but fate wedged us together and both of us had the same question in our minds -Why me? Why I have to be stuck up with her? But as they say destiny has its own plan and it certainly had, now she is one of the treasured friend that I have & need for whole for the rest of my life.

She is one person in my life who taught me, how to show the middle finger to life when it sucks, how to have fun even when you are broke, she taught me how to be courageous in a very bad situation & most importantly how to be in love with someone (please note- deeply & madly). She was the necessary dose of tadka in my well balanced & planned life.

When we met she was carefree, bundle of laughter, proud Delhite, allergic to public transport & now after all these years in addition to the above she is a strong minded wife & a superb fun mother who is managing all spheres of her life with the same ease the way five years ago she used to manage eloping from the Hostel in the middle of the night to meet Ryan. Do you have someone like her in your life, if no, then guys you are surely missing the spice in your life.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They say Indian Women are financially illiterate, are they nuts?

Ok, so few days ago this was a headline in one of the newspapers & after that there were lots of jargon on the same. But i do not agree with this at all. Women is that member in the family who manages & saves in all sphere of the family expenses yet provide good nutrition, comforts & other necessities to her family.

Talking about the modern financial tools like Mutual Funds, Bank accounts, Govt. Bonds, buying real estate & even Share trading (which was considered to be a male dominated area) all are being utilized and explored by modern Indian women to create wealth for their families & themselves.

May be some of us (including men) can be ignorant about these tools but can anybody explain me how can it be gender related?



Friday, August 10, 2012

Have I made it large?

Yes the title of this post was only a commercial ad for me till yesterday, I never questioned myself this before  until yesterday evening. I got to know about one of my acquaintance yesterday and she is doing pretty good for herself, It just made me think what I have achieved or done anything special for myself in recent years and I could'nt think of even one.

The first time I entered my college it felt I reached a different galaxy all together ( I am not exaggerating at all) I could only see people way smarter than me including my seniors & batch mates, & really self doubted myself that I will not be able to achieve anything in this place & will never have a single friend, out of these smarter & more outgoing people. But I was blessed enough to make through those years of college fairly well & even got friends forever.Then after finishing my college, started working , again that first year of hardship made me have self doubts but again worked hard enough to sail my boat across.But now what, I dont feel I am doing any justice of doing anything that I dreamt & planned for my life.

 I am not asking for more hardship . I have gone through enough but I want to do something out of my go work and get paid at the end of month scenario, so that I feel I am not wasting my existence and feel like myself again.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Serial Cheaters

We have heard about serial killers who are these serial cheaters? So spouses /partners who  cheat because they lack the maturity to have impulse control, and they never should have pledged marriage  in the first place, they are serial cheaters. If this was a pattern during the dating relationship, breaking up because of an other woman/man and then getting back together, the pattern will surely not stop because you take marriage vows.

One person cannot do enough to make another person change. Change has to come from within, and that person has to want to change. This is one area when many spouses think, “If I had only been prettier, or sexier, or more something, they would not have cheated.” However, that is not the case. It’s the cheater’s issue, not yours.
So if you are a victim do not think that its your fault because if even you would have gifted with every best quality /appearance it would not have changed a thing.

So if you are victim stop blaming yourself because the cheater took a decision to ruin the marriage or relationship and not you.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marriages are made in Heaven?

It starts with curses, then bad behavior, then beating and then … it never stops.

A girl marries with so many dreams in her eyes  that she will be loved , taken care of , her husband would be someone in her life whom she would look up to , he would be the one whom she would want to see at starting & ending of the day for her entire life. He will understand when she would be sad, he would wipe away all her tears.

But why in some marriages she becomes only a provider, a human being who is treated worse than an animal, she is beaten , thrashed and abused. Who gives such an authority to a man , the so-called husband. Are we females responsible for such inhumane behavior? Yes I believe to a lot of extent. Not everyone is blessed to have a perfect marriage & a loving husband but stopping the cruelty is something which is in the person’s hand only.

Why a wife does not walk away from an abused marriage? Because of the children? Because of the society? No, because of herself and her insecurities, because she gets scared of getting labeled as a female with a failed marriage or in some cases she assumes that there are possibility that the husband who abuses her, beats her, would one day finally have a change of heart, the evil inside him would die all of a sudden and she would be loved again. Wrong, completely wrong, it never happens. A female who allows a man to treat her like trash always suffers and she needs to break herself free from this web of poisoned relationship not for her children, her family or for her society but for HERSELF.

Marriages are made in heaven, need to re-think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

50 celebrated things -Part 2

So I am here with few more things which bring a smile on my face.

11. I love crafts

12. everyone close to me know this

13. This place brings back all good memories to me.

14. currently in love wid Jones, Akshi & Czar

15. I Love readings blogs rather than checking FB, 

16. Its wierd for some, but it gives me too much satisfaction

17. Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain par naam hain "Chatterbox"  haainn

18. Scribbling on a Slate

19. Reviewing finances -for me its a fun job

20 . I am a Perfume Addict

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

something i liked

I was browsing through Pinterest & this picture caught my attention.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A small town

wet roads by last night's rain


tiny men making huge structures

everyone has a story

smell of fresh greens

clouds floating

a folk song playing from somewhere far.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

50 celebrated things

I am gonna share 50 things that make me happy (in big & small way) in five posts, they are just randomly numbered...

1. Rain

2. A cup of tea & my favourite book

3. A bike ride

4. Watching a movie

5. Writing on my blog
6. Sipping a coffee in a quiet coffee shop

7. Travelling to new destinations

8. Saving coins

9.Feeding birds

10. now this is Self Explained !! 

Love you all

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do u know any of them?

There are some people who never change, they can never be trusted or loved.They do not deserve to be taken care of or your sacrifices, because they would remain back stabbing creatures who would be nice to you only because they have some personal interest attached to you. Beware of such people.

Image source Google;



Monday, May 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Vs. Blackberry

So finally I bought my first Android Phone.I was very confused in picking up a BB or Samsung Galaxy, but finally SG (little expensive but worth it) won the battle.My Nokia Symbian S40 series was enough for my requirements, but now I wanted to upgrade my gadget.I am a miser on buying an expensive gadget , but I got seriously hooked on its features.So last night only downloaded few of my favorite apps "Whats App", "Blogger" & "ACM", I was drooling over ACM, but there are some initializing hiccups but would get over it.I am lovin it!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Where is the weekend?

Heya All,

This is not a TGIS (S=Saturday ) kind of post, right now I have sore eyes & mind. I am tired to such an extend that today while making a TO DO's list today in the morning at the office , I scribbled something on the paper & later on found out that I wrote "I Wanna Sleep". Right now I am a sleep deprived , tired & grumpy person who is running after people (unprofessional bunch) to get the work done.I have to go down to the office tomorrow also. I can hundred percent relate to the pic below.



Saturday, April 28, 2012


Sometimes its so weird that even after knowing a person, being there at the same place for years we dont speak, and suddenly one day the silence is broken, we studied together for thirteen years, in the same class, same section,  may be a few rows of benches apart,and now after all these years we met at a ceremony tonight and spoke for continuous two hours, laughed, remembered those all good and not so good days, absurd days, funny days. Surprisingly he knew everything about my life after school, which college i went to, where did I worked and with whom I am married to,and  I hardly knew anything about him post school days, sometimes known strangers become friends in a crowd of unknown people.            


Friday, March 23, 2012

Urban Shots (book review)

Urban Shots is a bouquet of 28 urban tales by 13 diverse writers from all across India, edited by Paritosh Uttam. Every story touches different relationships in a very uncomplicated way. Each story represents a tale of relationships of present urban life having cosmopolitan background.While reading the stories one can feel the closeness of the situations and characters to real life, one that you have seen with your best friend, or colleague , a fellow passenger or maybe an experience with your own self.

The book in broken into five different sections from "Relationships", "Love", "Friendship",to "Angst" & "Longing". Each story describe the emotions of Betrayal, Jealousy, Love &, Longing This book will take you to a journey from high streets of Delhi to Bangalore , taking a turn to Bandra in mumbai to lanes of Alibagh.

This book showcases Shweta's transformation of a woman from a girl to Chamundi's unique way of ending her struggle to Aman's reminiscence of a forgotten night & many other lives entangled in a web of past & present relationships & memories, dreams & painful experiences.

The stories which appealed to me the most are:

Liberation by Malathi Jaikumar: Its a tale of Chamundi, who is mother of two & an obedient wife of a man who enjoys torturing her  for his own frustrations. This story shows how even after having a difficult life chamundi chooses to have moments of happiness for herself &  the kids & finally how on one of her expeditions she finds a solution to all her sufferings.
Dialects of Silence by Vrinda Baliga: This is a very beautifully written story of transformation of a girl to a wife,and a mother and how this journey embarks a change in her persona and matures her to see the people, relationship around her and make her learn the dialect of silence.
A Cup of tea by Paritosh Uttam: Abhijit & Susila caught in a monotonous (love ) marriage are not able to find any chord of interest in each other , frustrated because of living a life of adjustments while dreaming about a virtual life filled with their decide to put an end to the marriage, but end up sticking together for their own unknown reasons.
Apple Pie & Grey Sweater by Prateek Gupta: Its a story with background of Bangalore, a story of Prayas & purvi, a simple story nothing superlative but nice as it is about two friends who are in love with each other & express at the end in their own sweet way, an Indian version of My best friend's wedding, without the much   masala.

I would recommend it to be a pick-up read for a journey do not expect a classic or a fiction which will take you to a rollercoaster of emotions , some of the tales that I mentioned above are well written,  well some like- Just Average, Driving down the memory lane, are good enough to read while others like Heartbreaker,Trial & error, Woman in Love don't leave a mark on the readers.

Rating: 3/5

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Stop trying to change others

Sometimes I get surprised that how people do not acknowledge beautiful things in their lives, beat their career, people in their lives , money, resources or many other things. If a person is determined to be sad, find faults in you,  & think about his own self all the time  you cant change the feelings or thought process of the person at any cost, and why you even need to.Maturity, Optimism & Selflessness are self attained phenomenons & cant be induced in a person by someone else.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A good start

A day starting with a compliment tends to be followed by other goods things, so I am also hoping for the same. Today after so many days I heard a compliment about my work & felt really good about it, there very few days when someone acknowledges your work or your abilities.
I wish every day to start with something like this..Me happy happy.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Too Quiet

Its a difficult day today, mind getting numb , sense of no activity happening, every thing seems to be annoyingly calm...Just want it to get over, want to sleep and wake up in a Tomorrow that is filled with interestingly cheerful activities!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The question of Love..

Falling in love is the most beautiful thing that one experiences, the eagerness, restlessness, one gets happy by just seeing his /her name flashing on the phone, finds silly excuses to meet, keep every small things which has a connection with that special one.Oh my God, checking the phone every single minute seems to be so nerve wrecking, why he has not called, its been an hour and he has not sent any messages (may be its only in the case of girls) these questions are always crowded in the mind, we keep thinking about so many things that we would say & how would we say, his jokes automatically sounds humorous, the eyes seems to be speaking, his smile seems to be the most beautiful thing, & the silence between the  conversations are so difficult to handle.

I am not sure whether every one feels the same feelings or are there different feelings also...

Friday, March 9, 2012


Drum Rollssss.... so its Saturday again & today the person who will be introduced at this forum does not require any introduction as she is an inseparable part of me.. she is my first kid as I have always believed & behaved with her. She has been the "silent secret keeper" of all the gray shades of my life.I prayed for her everyday when mum was expecting her , I don't know why but I desperately wanted a sister  & glad I did.

She is everyone's favourite, very calm & quiet , well balanced in every outlook towards life, so, in short absolutely unlike me.Yes being an elder kid you need to be an idol & role model for your sibling or atleast should inspire them in a good way , I dont know how much I have been successful in doing that but its absolutely true that I have learnt a lot from be meticulous about everything you do, to be disciplined in all your action  & to try and achieve perfection in every single thing you do (She has been a Topper in her class through out her school , best debator & the only girl or student who got two captaincies at the same time).

She is very choosy in every little thing, starting from clothes, music, food, places to hang out & even friends, from the time  when she was merely two years old , can you believe it! 

The only thing i have not learned from her is how to plug in head phones of a music player & turn it on to the highest level so that when anyone screams their lungs out ,you are in your own world ( seriously....she has this serious disorder).I love her with all my heart. 


Monday, March 5, 2012

Color Me Red

My recent Favourite Color is RED ( its keep changing from black, to green to white...n now its red) I don't why but this color fascinates me in a very mysterious way...

Some random pics,

So whats your fav colour


Friday, March 2, 2012

MEET THEM- Madhumita

First Impression is certainly not the last impression, and that is why a snobbish looking girl (as per me) on the first day of my college became my Best Friend forever. She came after staying in Delhi (by that time she became Half Delhite ,as they say it), & I was from a rarely known Town , She aspired to be a Doctor & I.... by that time I didnt actually  thought of a serious career option..She missed her friends back in Delhi & I was extremely excited to make new friends.Yes, we met & were not actually fond of each other.

I was put in other room & she in different, but as the destiny had some other plan at the last moment our Warden  cancelled the name of her third room mate & wrote my name & that started the mark of  friendship.We were very different but very same, Had very different ideas about life but celebrated every single thought.

We were kept out of the hostel as punishment for the first time together,shopped , travelled . We laughed , cried even  lied also together( this is one of the many secrets that we share).She has been my constant support & strength till today. I cant really think my life without her existence. She has not only been a friend but a sibling to me.

My life would have been quite difficult without her.Thank you Madhumita for being there always.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Review- Jodi Breaker

So Yesterday I went to watch "Jodi Breakers" & I must say that I have never seen such a "Crap" movie. I know I would be sounding rude but thats about it. They trapped me with the promising pair of Mr. Madhavan & Ms. Basu on-screen for the first time & the beautiful songs that are being aired.

Haven't they seen the movie by themselves, the movie is not only disintegrated but has a crappy story line.Please do not waste your money or time on this movie..


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet "THEM" - Ma

Every morning her voice & a smile on her face woke me up , I learned how to paint , Build beautiful projects , Scribble, Compete without having a fear of loosing & even dreaming big.
She is my creator , my Mother.

Nobody can ever replace her place in my life, not only because she is my mother but because she has been my best friend with whom I shared my first crush, played with her, made sketches, discussed my studies, my work issues, my life and every single detail.
She is a female with strong head & very soft heart, she has given all her life, for Pa , Babboo & me.Her everyday started with us and ended with us. We complained ,she rectified, we asked, she gave, we became sad, she made us laugh & when we cried ,she held us, close to her heart.
She is extremely popular with everyone in the family starting from the toddlers to the elders. She can create an atmosphere of celebration by just being there.I felt proud when Papa used to give credit of all his achievements to her ( & that holds true for all three of us).
Today being married, I talk about adjusting & compromising but when I look back at her,feel very petite before her. She supported Pa till his last breath and even after him she has been there for us every moment.

Mum I know, I can never do enough to make up for what you have done for me, but, I just want to say your every single smile is very precious for me....

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.-Sarah Malin

Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet "THEM"

Each one of us have some special people in our life who leave a mark in our life, or made us what we are today.This section of my blog would be to celebrate those special ones.

Now on every Saturday I will post about that one special person who made me what I am today, supported me, inspired me or made me feel proud of their existence in my life.

Being a little partial I would first post about the women who have left a mark in my life.....

These posts will be the pages of the diary that will always bring back the fond memories whenever turned..


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Countdown has begun

So, the tension is mounting day by day, just like a hot water kettle kept on fire but all packed up and can blast up anytime.Time is ticking very fast, restlessness is a feeling which everyone is having inside, not like the butterflies but a deep the hollow empty space.

Yes, the time for Annual appraisal has come very near and now everyone is in a rat race. Its funny yet interesting to see all this happening around me, I feel like the only non-moving subject around. People judging colleagues & even judging themselves..How much I would get? I am more competent , I have worked too hard to get the highest ratings..these are the feeling that everyone has, this time I am not feeling the same tension as all the years, not because I feel I have done very good or very bad this year, but, because last year has made me realize, that what  is at the top in my priority list at this moment.Money is very important and I would be a hypocrite if I say that I don't want it, but this year running a vague race is not what I am in for. may be I ll just watch it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shaken or Stirred

So, After putting procrastination monster inside me, to sleep , I went for my medical check up.Everyone pushed me , I kept ignoring , gave excuse of work, ignored the signs of my own body...and one call from Indu, left me with no options as to go to the doctor, as she would be leaving the city very soon and I would not have been left with anyone else with whom i am so comfortable  to go the doctor.The waiting rooms, nurses with a dry face, Different sort of people, the smell of medicines, everything about a Hospital scares me.

I have looked fine all through my life and felt nothing can go wrong even now, but surprise, surprise, I was wrong. Yes my reports were not all fine & I have developed a condition which would now require me to be on medication for all my life..& this condition became severe only because of one reason -my utter carelessness about my own self.

It has really shaken me up, thank fully nothing that I would die or something but still...Good things- Mr. Husband started to behave like husband , taking me to a doctor, taking care about my medicines..and now I know there are so many people who are concerned about me..

Do we all don't think that nothing can ever go wrong with us or was it only me..

Please guys, go and get your self checked, its very much needed, not because you would be sick or something wrong but because Precaution is better than Cure...& moreover medicines, visit to doctors sucks big time, believe me..


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Petit things of Happiness

We need to earn more, Oh my God my savings.., going out for dinner in restaurant tonight , I am due shopping, need to buy more Clothes, My appraisals, My colleague bought a new car.....

Saved ten bucks to buy a new fountain pen yay yay! licking off the orange cream from the biscuit..Mum stitched a new frock for me in my favourite colour,  I got ten out of ten in the test! Pa teaching me how to ride a bicycle..

Why things changed or have I changed....


Aiku Lal & Akbar

Aiku Lal & Akbar , two very common name but very extraordinary story which not only moved me but made me think also, that do I understand the responsibility of being a Human.

Its a heart touching reality, Aiku Lal, a Tea vendor from Lucknow, found a small boy sobbing in a park in Lucknow in 2003, alone clueless & only knew his name- Akbar.Aiku lal not only took care of this boy as he was very sick but also did all his efforts to find out parents of this lost child, even after so many tries nothing was traced , then everyone including Police suggested Aiku to handover this child to orphanage, but his heart didn't allowed him to leave the child. So he took the biggest decision of his life & that was to take care of this child even after having financial difficulties.

From that day he took care of Akbar like his own father & mother both , not only did he admitted him to a school, so that he can have proper education but also admitted him to a Madarsa so that, he can even have proper understanding about his religion.

But one day this story came to a halt where on knowing this unique story, it was aired on National Television on a News Channel by a reporter & a couple from Delhi came to Lucknow claiming that Akbar was their lost son.They claimed that one day Akbar's biological father took him along with him to Liqor Shop & lost him as he was completely drunk.

When Akbar denied going with them stating that for him Aiku is only his father & mother & his entire world , they filed a case in District court to gain the custody of their biological son.

But this is the first time when our Judicial system look a stand where the whole judgement was given in the favour of a man who not only lived everyday for the small kid that he found but also was giving every moment of his life for upbringing him with all moral values.

Akbar & Aiku
Akbar's parents have approached Higher Court to get their son back , & every day Akbar prays to God for letting him stay with his foster father who means whole world to him.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aaha moment

So, I had an amazing trip on our 1st Anniversary, courtesy :Rakesh (I have already shared pics on FB so will not re post here).Talking about the trip, it turned out to be the best of all our outings in the past.I saw Rakesh giggling, having his no-phone days after so long time, he was a complete buddy in a Pati Avatar. I had so much fun navigating the whole city with him, partying even on the roads, eating out disgusting stuff & laughing over it, counting every penny before spending ( and this time surprisingly Rakesh was the one concerned  and i was on the splurging mode). We even had our nerve wrecking moments in a completely unknown place, but that was like sitting on a roller coaster, so it turned out to be fun after it got over.

Highlights of the trip or the things I will always remember: amazinnnnng place where we were putting up, Mr. T-e-e our first driver, Colourful Taxis, Skytrain, Thai Sardar , the amazing singers at the pier & the breath taking cruise.

So finally, had a week of celebration, and now both of us dreaming about our next trip may be Kathmandu or any another continent, who knows!!

Last but not the least, I would like to mention two special people without whom this fantabulous trip would not have been possible: Madhumita & Ruchir. Thank you so much guys!!

Love you all


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everything comes to an end, but endings are not always happy

Sometime it takes a lot of time & courage to stand up for yourself & end your own sufferings.There are lot of us who have courage to fight for  others, to wipe away their tears but when it comes to ourselves we get scared to take up decision for our own lives. Pa always said when you make a decision in your life be ready to face its consequences, this time also, I am ready for the consequences.I hope, I have enough support.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Going back to "Being me"

I have realised that I have to be selfish for my own happiness, I should not be dependent on anyone /anything for being happy or pursuing my own dreams and the question is why I should be and as M said, after twenty years I ll regret on things which i didnt do rather than what I did, so I am  in no way  dieing like a unhappy loser, cant let time slip away like that.
Love you all

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Had a blast

So, I had a complete blast on New year's eve, we had  Bon-Fire , five course amazing dinner which ended up with chocolate cake & ice-cream & spent cozy family time, & on sunday the whole day i was cuddled inside the quilt as its raining here from 31st night & the weather has become "get cozy in the quilt with a hot chocolate mug" type.

Its even raining now and dont feel like working at allllllllllllllllllllll.

Love you all


Have a Blast

May this year bring peace to everyone's life.

Love you all.