Monday, February 27, 2012

Review- Jodi Breaker

So Yesterday I went to watch "Jodi Breakers" & I must say that I have never seen such a "Crap" movie. I know I would be sounding rude but thats about it. They trapped me with the promising pair of Mr. Madhavan & Ms. Basu on-screen for the first time & the beautiful songs that are being aired.

Haven't they seen the movie by themselves, the movie is not only disintegrated but has a crappy story line.Please do not waste your money or time on this movie..


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meet "THEM" - Ma

Every morning her voice & a smile on her face woke me up , I learned how to paint , Build beautiful projects , Scribble, Compete without having a fear of loosing & even dreaming big.
She is my creator , my Mother.

Nobody can ever replace her place in my life, not only because she is my mother but because she has been my best friend with whom I shared my first crush, played with her, made sketches, discussed my studies, my work issues, my life and every single detail.
She is a female with strong head & very soft heart, she has given all her life, for Pa , Babboo & me.Her everyday started with us and ended with us. We complained ,she rectified, we asked, she gave, we became sad, she made us laugh & when we cried ,she held us, close to her heart.
She is extremely popular with everyone in the family starting from the toddlers to the elders. She can create an atmosphere of celebration by just being there.I felt proud when Papa used to give credit of all his achievements to her ( & that holds true for all three of us).
Today being married, I talk about adjusting & compromising but when I look back at her,feel very petite before her. She supported Pa till his last breath and even after him she has been there for us every moment.

Mum I know, I can never do enough to make up for what you have done for me, but, I just want to say your every single smile is very precious for me....

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly.-Sarah Malin

Friday, February 24, 2012

Meet "THEM"

Each one of us have some special people in our life who leave a mark in our life, or made us what we are today.This section of my blog would be to celebrate those special ones.

Now on every Saturday I will post about that one special person who made me what I am today, supported me, inspired me or made me feel proud of their existence in my life.

Being a little partial I would first post about the women who have left a mark in my life.....

These posts will be the pages of the diary that will always bring back the fond memories whenever turned..


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Countdown has begun

So, the tension is mounting day by day, just like a hot water kettle kept on fire but all packed up and can blast up anytime.Time is ticking very fast, restlessness is a feeling which everyone is having inside, not like the butterflies but a deep the hollow empty space.

Yes, the time for Annual appraisal has come very near and now everyone is in a rat race. Its funny yet interesting to see all this happening around me, I feel like the only non-moving subject around. People judging colleagues & even judging themselves..How much I would get? I am more competent , I have worked too hard to get the highest ratings..these are the feeling that everyone has, this time I am not feeling the same tension as all the years, not because I feel I have done very good or very bad this year, but, because last year has made me realize, that what  is at the top in my priority list at this moment.Money is very important and I would be a hypocrite if I say that I don't want it, but this year running a vague race is not what I am in for. may be I ll just watch it.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Shaken or Stirred

So, After putting procrastination monster inside me, to sleep , I went for my medical check up.Everyone pushed me , I kept ignoring , gave excuse of work, ignored the signs of my own body...and one call from Indu, left me with no options as to go to the doctor, as she would be leaving the city very soon and I would not have been left with anyone else with whom i am so comfortable  to go the doctor.The waiting rooms, nurses with a dry face, Different sort of people, the smell of medicines, everything about a Hospital scares me.

I have looked fine all through my life and felt nothing can go wrong even now, but surprise, surprise, I was wrong. Yes my reports were not all fine & I have developed a condition which would now require me to be on medication for all my life..& this condition became severe only because of one reason -my utter carelessness about my own self.

It has really shaken me up, thank fully nothing that I would die or something but still...Good things- Mr. Husband started to behave like husband , taking me to a doctor, taking care about my medicines..and now I know there are so many people who are concerned about me..

Do we all don't think that nothing can ever go wrong with us or was it only me..

Please guys, go and get your self checked, its very much needed, not because you would be sick or something wrong but because Precaution is better than Cure...& moreover medicines, visit to doctors sucks big time, believe me..


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Petit things of Happiness

We need to earn more, Oh my God my savings.., going out for dinner in restaurant tonight , I am due shopping, need to buy more Clothes, My appraisals, My colleague bought a new car.....

Saved ten bucks to buy a new fountain pen yay yay! licking off the orange cream from the biscuit..Mum stitched a new frock for me in my favourite colour,  I got ten out of ten in the test! Pa teaching me how to ride a bicycle..

Why things changed or have I changed....


Aiku Lal & Akbar

Aiku Lal & Akbar , two very common name but very extraordinary story which not only moved me but made me think also, that do I understand the responsibility of being a Human.

Its a heart touching reality, Aiku Lal, a Tea vendor from Lucknow, found a small boy sobbing in a park in Lucknow in 2003, alone clueless & only knew his name- Akbar.Aiku lal not only took care of this boy as he was very sick but also did all his efforts to find out parents of this lost child, even after so many tries nothing was traced , then everyone including Police suggested Aiku to handover this child to orphanage, but his heart didn't allowed him to leave the child. So he took the biggest decision of his life & that was to take care of this child even after having financial difficulties.

From that day he took care of Akbar like his own father & mother both , not only did he admitted him to a school, so that he can have proper education but also admitted him to a Madarsa so that, he can even have proper understanding about his religion.

But one day this story came to a halt where on knowing this unique story, it was aired on National Television on a News Channel by a reporter & a couple from Delhi came to Lucknow claiming that Akbar was their lost son.They claimed that one day Akbar's biological father took him along with him to Liqor Shop & lost him as he was completely drunk.

When Akbar denied going with them stating that for him Aiku is only his father & mother & his entire world , they filed a case in District court to gain the custody of their biological son.

But this is the first time when our Judicial system look a stand where the whole judgement was given in the favour of a man who not only lived everyday for the small kid that he found but also was giving every moment of his life for upbringing him with all moral values.

Akbar & Aiku
Akbar's parents have approached Higher Court to get their son back , & every day Akbar prays to God for letting him stay with his foster father who means whole world to him.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aaha moment

So, I had an amazing trip on our 1st Anniversary, courtesy :Rakesh (I have already shared pics on FB so will not re post here).Talking about the trip, it turned out to be the best of all our outings in the past.I saw Rakesh giggling, having his no-phone days after so long time, he was a complete buddy in a Pati Avatar. I had so much fun navigating the whole city with him, partying even on the roads, eating out disgusting stuff & laughing over it, counting every penny before spending ( and this time surprisingly Rakesh was the one concerned  and i was on the splurging mode). We even had our nerve wrecking moments in a completely unknown place, but that was like sitting on a roller coaster, so it turned out to be fun after it got over.

Highlights of the trip or the things I will always remember: amazinnnnng place where we were putting up, Mr. T-e-e our first driver, Colourful Taxis, Skytrain, Thai Sardar , the amazing singers at the pier & the breath taking cruise.

So finally, had a week of celebration, and now both of us dreaming about our next trip may be Kathmandu or any another continent, who knows!!

Last but not the least, I would like to mention two special people without whom this fantabulous trip would not have been possible: Madhumita & Ruchir. Thank you so much guys!!

Love you all