Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aiku Lal & Akbar

Aiku Lal & Akbar , two very common name but very extraordinary story which not only moved me but made me think also, that do I understand the responsibility of being a Human.

Its a heart touching reality, Aiku Lal, a Tea vendor from Lucknow, found a small boy sobbing in a park in Lucknow in 2003, alone clueless & only knew his name- Akbar.Aiku lal not only took care of this boy as he was very sick but also did all his efforts to find out parents of this lost child, even after so many tries nothing was traced , then everyone including Police suggested Aiku to handover this child to orphanage, but his heart didn't allowed him to leave the child. So he took the biggest decision of his life & that was to take care of this child even after having financial difficulties.

From that day he took care of Akbar like his own father & mother both , not only did he admitted him to a school, so that he can have proper education but also admitted him to a Madarsa so that, he can even have proper understanding about his religion.

But one day this story came to a halt where on knowing this unique story, it was aired on National Television on a News Channel by a reporter & a couple from Delhi came to Lucknow claiming that Akbar was their lost son.They claimed that one day Akbar's biological father took him along with him to Liqor Shop & lost him as he was completely drunk.

When Akbar denied going with them stating that for him Aiku is only his father & mother & his entire world , they filed a case in District court to gain the custody of their biological son.

But this is the first time when our Judicial system look a stand where the whole judgement was given in the favour of a man who not only lived everyday for the small kid that he found but also was giving every moment of his life for upbringing him with all moral values.

Akbar & Aiku
Akbar's parents have approached Higher Court to get their son back , & every day Akbar prays to God for letting him stay with his foster father who means whole world to him.

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