Monday, November 11, 2013

Our Bangkok Trip

Yeah Yeah I know its too late but the universally proven fact that I am too lazy to write this long post in my blog by the motivation factor for this post was a well know blog which was inviting write ups on travel. So yes I pulled up my socks & wrote the entire thing & sent it across but my bad it was not selected...I guess its not selected as there was no reply, therefore since I had worked hard (in my head) on this informative post (now again according to me only) I would post it on very my own beloved blog, so may be one day in far far future a girl / a guy will google about planning a trip to Bangkok & may be this teeny tiny post will show up & may be it ll help out someone. So leaving the crap now, enjoy the post :

My husband and I are Travel enthusiasts. We love traveling to different places but on a strict budget, we take this is as a challenge to fit our dream vacation on the amount we have finalized. We love planning our trips ourselves.

Sometimes lot of us get intimidated by the thought of arranging everything by our own, & have fear of not finding the best deals & not able to finalize on roadmap to an exciting worthy trip. But with years gone I have felt anyone can plan their own trip at their own budget.

This post is about trip that we took to Bangkok in Jan 2012. We have this ritual of taking a holiday on our anniversary every year. So we randomly decided on Bangkok. So, since it was our first trip to abroad we decide to go the safe way by taking up quote by a travel agent. But the moment we got the quote for three days we decided to skip the whole plan, & after two days of being sad, we again pulled our socks and started all over again. By lot of searching & asking friends and family, finally we planned the whole trip and the result was a super fun happy holiday.

We took a three day trip to Bangkok and as Rajnikant would say – Mind it, it was awesome ;)

So tips while planning trip to Bangkok:

  1. Find a Cheaper airline: Air travel was one of the major costs that we had to tackle so finally we decided on Air Asia (Suggested & booked by a friend, Thank you M & R for making this trip happen), one can easily book tickets online with half the cost as compared to other airlines. They have their own website & they operate from Kolkata & Chennai.
  2. Book your Hotel in Advance: Bangkok has a plethora of Hotel Options starting from dorm rooms to 7 star luxury hotel.We booked Hotel "Dream" throuiugh , the hotel is located at Sukhumvit, heart of the city, five minutes from Asoke BTS & MRT and 45 minutes from the international airport. It's a beautiful hotel, we had opted for a Plan that included Breakfast.One can easily book any hotel as per your liking & pocket through, or

Hotel Dream


Our Room

  1. You can easily get a Visa on arrival at the Bangkok airport: facility of Visa on arrival is there for Indian resident. Do ask the enquiry counter about “VISA ON ARRIVAL “counter & it will take hardly five minutes to do the whole process. Documents required for Visa for a week is: 1000 Thai Baht (Fees), Visa on arrival form, Passport with minimum six months validity & three passport size photographs & copy of return ticket.
  1. Get your currency changed from India. Get Rupee converted to Thai Baht as you will require cash at a lot of places.
  1. Learn about Cab charges: Take help from Google baba and never take up a running cab always take it from a cab junction.

  1. Take up a Local Sim card: Buy a local sim card from convenience store like 7 – 11 (name of the convenience store) that you can find at every corner of the city, So if you want to receive calls or make some at home it’s a good option & the only document required is a copy of your passport. We learnt it the hard way as we paid a lot on the calls from our hotel room.

  1. Travel mostly on foot , Tuk Tuk or by Sky train or MRT: It is the best part of a new city or country. The excitement of exploring new places, things is too exciting & adventurous. Sky train or MRT are the Thai version of our Metro Trains, you can buy a whole day pass on minimal charges.

The Famous Tuk Tuk

View from Asoke Station

  1. Take along your Debit Card (Visa / Mater only) or Credit card. Maestro card will not work internationally so it will be better that along with your cash or traveler’s cheque take up a credit card (I am not a very huge fan of it) or Visa /Master Debit card that you can use to make payments.

  1. Plan a list of the places you want to visit: Google major attraction of the city or pick up a Map from the airport. The major attractions of Bangkok are Khao San Road, Floating Market, Wat Arun, Grand Palace, Pratunam market, Chao Phraya River & waterways, Floating market, Chatuchak weekend market and more. Each of these destinations is well connected by Sky Trains & MRT.

  1. Shopping: Buy electronic gadgets & make up only, as they are at a real steal prices  but not clothes or shoes ( as our New Market, Srojini Market & Fashion Street are way better in terms of Pricing), but do take up a walk in the lane of Pratunam Market to have a glimpse of the exotic dresses of cabret dancers.

  1. Try street food: Ditch the fancy restaurant, go out on street and try out some local delicacies man!

The street side vendor

  1. Save a part of your budget for Calypso’s Lady boy show or an exotic River cruise experience. And now the last but the best part definitely visits alcazar cabre or a cruise ride on the last evening of your stay. We had shortage of time and that's why we finalized on the cruise, the cruise ride from Chao Phraya River Pier was so romantic & enchanting, and the whole city looked so alive and beautiful. The Singers, the Calypso’s cabret dancers (yes it was a surprise there were three of them on the cruise as well) & then the exotic food, light music and dance on the roof deck was just “WOW”. One can book a river cruise from any of the travel agents from Bangkok itself. We booked the White Orchid Cruise & it was worth every penny.
Our cruise 

The famous lady boy show on the cruise

"Happy Us"

So guys hope this post helped you, so start packing your bag & plan a trip to Bangkok.

Note: I am not affiliated to any of the airlines, website or Hotel in any form.

Just another of those days

So it was just another Monday, where I came with all the blues in my heart & a sulking face to my desk & started my day, after a while around eleven I called up M & cried , now the question is why? and the answer to is - an acquaintance called me, who was dear friend to me until five minutes before the call , said something in the conversation which broke my heart...& while I called up M to share how I felt, I suddenly realized how lucky I am to have people who love me even when I am such a pain in the a*** .

Today I am counting my blessings. I am in love with all these people around me who have loved me all these years without being judgmental about me. I know the list is not long, but I am proud that at least I have one.



Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Strangers in the night

Wish I had a time machine , I would have gone back in time  & would re arrange the entire set up of my first date with R , it would be the time of sunset near a beach in an empty open air restaurant with Mojitos and Frank Sintara's  Strangers in the night playing in the background.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Rebecca (1940)

Last night at around 11 pm right when I was going to log off my laptop, I stumbled upon the movie -Rebecca on youtube &decided to watch (I dont know why I always end up surfing youtube till late in the night, only to complaint the next day how little I have slept). Ok so coming back to this film, It was made in 1940,  more than half a century from now (at the moment I am in a reading & watching classics mood) . I was searching for the book by the same name which inspired this movie but could not find it & I am very glad that I didnt.

 I always find it difficult to relate withe Old time movies & stories, but I was happy to find that this movie was different or may be my perspective is changing, I was in awe with all the characters & the story telling part & it kept me hooked till the end of the movie.I was mesmerized by the beauty of Joan Fontaine who played the role of second Mrs. De Winters, she remained nameless in the movie & at some points I wanted someone to call her by her first name, I wanted to know the character by her name but she remained Second Mrs. De Winters (weird but yes I am like that).

Mr. & Mrs. De Winters (Laurence Olivier & Joan Fontaine)

 Breakfast at Tiffany's made me fall in love with Audrey Hepburn & watching Rebecca made me realize that beauty  of Joan Fontaine is simply impeccable.

If ever I would have an opportunity to take part in a play my first choice will be definitely "Rebecca"


Image courtesy: Google


 We all have to start a new phase some or the other time but when the time comes it how a person reacts is what differentiate all of us.I always get scared to death ,& keep thinking why things are changing now.
"Change is only thing that is constant", I have read this phrase like a gazillion times but still the part of me which screams inside my head "I Dont want this change" needs a training, I need to see the brighter side of the upcoming change also.



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What could have been

Sometimes we keep on living in the shadows of "what could have been" what if I would have taken up a certain career choice, or met different people , married a different person. Yes whenever I go through a down in  my life I keep repeating to my self what could have been & build imaginary castles of what an amazing life  I would have had if I would have studied something else, took up a different career or marry someone else, but the reality is my life is amazing, the career choice, family , friend nothing could have been better.

I need a constant reminder to myself now that all the choices & decisions that I made for myself are the best things that happened to me.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Sitting by the window of my room today I think of the future..How would it be after five years, where I would be , what  I would be doing, will there be new people in my life, who would they be, how my relationship with R would be, would I be able to take care of mum & B with honesty as I try to do today. Will I create a better & more meaningful life for myself.

Every person who has come across my journey till now , had something to offer, sometimes I learned and sometime I didn't, as the cloud of complaining really didn't let me see the opportunity. There were & are lot of people, places, situations & books who have changed me for good & bad without me realizing it at that time.

Is it easy for a person to be compassionate & happy everyday. Is it possible for me or anybody to wake up everyday & feel contented. I am trying to be on that path but I know it is easier to be sad than to be happy cause it the choice that I would have to make everyday of being grateful of what I  have and what one change that I would like to make very single day.

Some changes that I want to have in me are:

Being away from my cellphone, T.V. & internet for once a while: I am one of those maniacs who constantly have to touch and look around for one of the gadgets.

Read more of Gretchen Rubin, Robin Sharma, Khaled Hussaini & other authors that I like very much.

Connect to friends on personal level & not on FB.

Walk everyday

& decide on a Mentor.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Food for soul: Quote

“The clock of life is wound but once, and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour. 
Now is the only time you own. Live, love, toil with a will. Place no faith in time. For the clock may soon be still.” 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One story which will stay in my heart forever

Okay a month back I updated on FB Page that I am waiting for 7th July for "Lootera" to be released, I saw the initial trailers and feel in love then and there. I am happy that the wait was worth it.

Love story of Varun & Pakhi made me speechless, didn't knew when my tears rolled out ( which is a rare thing to happen ) while watching the movie.Direction, acting , screenplay , editing, costumes, everything made this story so beautiful.

I cannot think of any one who could have replaced Ranbir Singh & Sonakshi Sinha for the story.

Vikramaditya Motwane - Respect ! You have done it again.



Monday, July 1, 2013

Food for soul: Quote

God has planned happiness for each one of us at the right time in our life,

The only Thing is that-

He doesn't share his calender with us!

Enjoy Surprises !!



Friday, June 28, 2013


Dreams.. we all dream , big , some small,  some tiny but all of us dream. We close our eyes & only see bits & pieces of happiness flying around us with tinkling of smiles..I too dreamt & still dreaming ...some came true some didnt & some still in the process of being true (Keeping my fingers crossed).



Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reading without spending a penny

I am very calculative when it comes to money matter but when I see a book that can invoke slightest interest in  my inquisitive mind , the whole Dr. Hyde & Mr. Jekyll syndrome just takes over me & I turn into this crazy person who would spend the hard earned money, from my sweat & blood,  Ok,  so now I am exaggerating but its true I spend huge amount of money on books...I know,  I know its a good habit but not when your house is changing into a monstrous book warehouse.

So while I was talking to one of my "To Read" mentors , Srijan, he kind of sold me over the idea of reading e-books, & that very moment I could see a bright light of heaven where I could only hear about some of the kind soul websites where I could download loads & loads of books...Ok enough it was Mr. Google & few were suggested by Srijan. But as a brownie point I even came across This  its a God sent website for audio books, so if you liked listening to stories when you were kid, I think you ll like it now also.

So do check out this website , I have already listened to four sections of  "Daddy Long Legs" which I wanted to read from a very long time. Its a beautiful story till now & will update about the whole audio book experience & the story.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Junction

I created this space to stop & ink down the good , bad & ugly of my journey , but of late I have realized that I come down here and only write when I am in low spirits , whereas in happy times I completely forget about writing it down. I missed so many things like writing about all my holidays, the late night movies, chit chat sessions ,the books that I read , the movies that I watched,  late night drives,  fabulous meals by  Mr. Husband & many other happy things...

But no more of absent mindedness on happy times.



Friday, May 3, 2013

Its not worth it

Sometimes some things, events, places or people are just not worth of one's time or emotions, but still we keep  thinking that one day it will all come to a good ending. But does Happily ever after exists in real life?


Monday, April 29, 2013

Asura: Tale of the Vanquished

Asura :Tale of the vanquished is one the best book decisions, I made this early year. After a long time I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of it, this tale evoked the urge of reading books after a long time which was into a sleepy state after reading some very horrible pieces. Quote- "The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the most eminent people of the past centuries." stands absolutely true for this classic piece of tale.

Writing of Anand Neelkantan manages to take up the most important tale of Indian Mythology -Ramayana & has narrated the same story from the other side- from Ravana's  point of view. The best thing about the book that impressed me the most is that , the whole story was told in a way that it evoked the interest in a novice reader of mythology like me. The whole story is based on intelligent debate & explanation that will make you see Ravan's story with equal empathy & respect.

I am not going to post any spoilers in this post, but would recommend everyone to read this thought -provoking piece.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reaching for stars

We all have goals in life and as soon as one finishes the other starts taking a place in our heart and mind, but the question is why few people achieve them & few dont, and the difference lies in determination & keeping the thrust of achieving the goal alive ,every single day.

All my goals need clarity  & real attention this year. Crossing my fingers that I will make this  year a productive one.



Monday, February 4, 2013


I am gasping for air and that too hard...There is a unknown feeling of loosing something may be vision or may be movement or may be not. The feeling of being in a race and at the very end point where you do not know are you going to win or not , some people screaming your name which does not reach your numb mind because you are high & at the same time in peace...yes I am gasping for air  & that too hard..


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Unnamed feeling

So today is one such day where I dont know what to do, hope or not, jinx it by saying it or keep mum on the topic.Neither there are any butterflies in my stomach nor sadness in my mind I am just plain "Still" . I am jotting it down because tomorrow I wanna come back and see  whether I am back to the point where I started or up to the next level, I was delaying this day for so long but today had to face it, just few hours may or may not change things.If it does or do not , I dont know how would I feel.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yes I am writing this post , because I wanna come one day after few years and see what was going on in my mind during this time & how I was as a person, yes I believe we all change with time & situation & I accept I am not me whom I was Five years ago...


Resolutions for this year would be:

1. Be careful & responsible
2. Stop whining
3. Love & cherish relationship & Stop Worrying too much
4. Definitely recover from Shopping Addiction
5. Learn a new language
6. Be regular in meds & check -ups
7.& Definitely do more DIYs

Last year was definitely tiresome , but I had fun towards the end.Hope this year brings Happiness & Hope to everyone's life.