Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Unnamed feeling

So today is one such day where I dont know what to do, hope or not, jinx it by saying it or keep mum on the topic.Neither there are any butterflies in my stomach nor sadness in my mind I am just plain "Still" . I am jotting it down because tomorrow I wanna come back and see  whether I am back to the point where I started or up to the next level, I was delaying this day for so long but today had to face it, just few hours may or may not change things.If it does or do not , I dont know how would I feel.


Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yes I am writing this post , because I wanna come one day after few years and see what was going on in my mind during this time & how I was as a person, yes I believe we all change with time & situation & I accept I am not me whom I was Five years ago...


Resolutions for this year would be:

1. Be careful & responsible
2. Stop whining
3. Love & cherish relationship & Stop Worrying too much
4. Definitely recover from Shopping Addiction
5. Learn a new language
6. Be regular in meds & check -ups
7.& Definitely do more DIYs

Last year was definitely tiresome , but I had fun towards the end.Hope this year brings Happiness & Hope to everyone's life.