Thursday, August 18, 2011

dont wanna blow anymore candle on the birthday cake

From my childhood , I have always seen my mum to be the most enthusiastic , friendly & cheerful person. She has always motivated me n my sis to go ahead and take up challenges of life and made us learn that whether you win it or loose it , you are going to learn something out of it anyways...So bottom line she has been my best buddy from the beginning, whether it was when i was five and learning to paint or the first time i won at the debate competition or i flunked in my maths test, came home after beating a guy or got beaten up ..she was always there to listen n make it more of an experience.

Of late she is dealing with some health issues n all these things are really effecting her i realised that its a very difficult thing to accept that one day my body will also get  older and weak, i know its going to happen, but i want my soul to be intact, full of enthusiasm , eager to learn, laugh and enjoy things which this life has given me....

Cross my heart would do anything to be me , the very me even after 30 years of writing this post.I want to smile reading this post after all coming years and feel I HAVE DONE IT!!

On the funnier note:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thought of the day

~~When you're forced to stand alone, you realise what you have in you.~~

Itsy Bitsy

Sometimes i feel that everyday i overstuff my mind with so many things, things which are not necessary, things which makes me tempted to buy unnecessary liabilities, things which make me sad about an event in the past or things which force me to become insecure about the future and try and accumulate assets to make it comfortable as per my calculations now, its all stopping me to enjoy the moment which is right here , right now...

i go back home after work, watch somebody dancing on songs, biking, or learning lessons to woo a woman &  try to win something in a T.V. show. ..Question to myself -what do i get watching these people, neither i am getting inspired nor winning a contest at their places or even getting entertained... i really dont wanna spend rest of my stint on this earth doing nothing...

Am i the only one who feel this way?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sunday waiting for you

Hey All!

I cant say TGIF! as i have to work tomorrow also, i am not cribbing about working but still i am waiting for sunday so desperately...want a DAY OFF badly....



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AUGUST , 2nd

Its raining again beautifully today, after so many days.

 Last few days i  indulged myself in partying with friends , shopping & going to unvisited beautiful places and must say loved every bit of it. wanted to watch Harry porter in 3D & Zindagi Milegi na Dobara, out of which cud take out time for only the later one.

Its indeed a refreshing story after so long and must say now i am looking forward to future pieces of Zoya Akhtar after watching this.

Hey all Friendships' Day is coming , i know you would feel its a Childlike thing but i have to admit that i look forward to such " Child like " things, which makes me nostalgic of old days. SOS Call: the idea just struck me that i have to send something to all my close friend on this day and i know its a very short deadline but wanna do it, lets see if i can make it , as i seriously want to make them feel that i cherish each one of them and their part in my life.

Today i am wearing one of my favourite charm bracelets which i adore i dont know even why i am mentioning it here but love it......i half watched Julie & Julia movie, due to some or the other reason i never finish this movie completely , would do it at the earliest.