Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Had a F.A.N.T.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Diwali !!!

This Diwali was one of the most memorable one......had loads of fun and on top of that got amazing gifts (n dat was the best part :) This post will have loads of pics which will say everything by itself !!!!

so it started wid the night before dhanteras where babboo, Rakesh n I decided to put up the lightings ( they were only holding the chair n were even not doing the same properly , some ppl can only  laugh on the girl standing on the chair trying to put up thing way above her reach....) still we completed it

mission accomplished !!!

D best shot

On 5th i.e. on diwali's eve , the day started wid a fight between rakesh n me on a silly stupid thing,  which didnt lasted long , thankfully...after world war 3 finished,we all went out n shopped , ate at Indian Coffee House (Only baboo ate, as she is a big Dosa-maniac )...we posed everywhere n clicked loads of pics....

on d way 

Dosa cried for mercy !!!!

both d sisters posing.....

After the shopping we came back n made rangoli , helped mum in the set-up, in the evening  mum did the pooja n I volunteered for singing the aarti ...which everyone including mum felt that it turned out to be a DJ remix of the aarti.... but i thought it was good ...see perception differ from person to person...

Tried a hand at R.A.N.G.O.L.I.

mum in her new sareeeeee

phataka time

Seriously! had a memorable time with mah ppl..... hope to have more funfilled celebrations next year......

love u all

Monday, November 1, 2010


Last week was very very busy, prioritized, scheduled but finally ended up interestingly. I had a review on Sunday can you believe on S.U.N.D.A.Y. i know, i too felt sick getting up early in the morning getting ready for the day which i had no clue about...

The review i am talking about is an Identification Process of Business leaders in my organization which are called as "STARS" .The First round is where 1000+ executives apply for this process & on the basis of your last rating in the appraisal, feedback by  your SBU Head & HR ,some 100 executives get selected for the second round & finally sum 40 go for final round....

so my schedule for the second round was on Sunday......the entire day was planned in 5 activities some group and some individual activities to test your mettle and to observe and analyze  the acumen of business...everyone seemed so tensed &  tried behaving in a expected professional way, except me , c'mmon it was very important. if you are selected as STARS your entire career would move up to an amazing level , Guaranteed Promotion, Great Incentives blah blah blah ....it is damn lucrative!

First of all  i was not  hoping to get selected for the first round .....but ok when i was informed to be one of the  few fortunate ones (This was the exact script used by the HR co-ordinator who informed me , i hope she is not reading this) i was tempted to go ,,, but i had a very different reason to go, i was very curious to know what would happen in that big conference hall with those serious  & intelligent looking people , just like a kid going to science park for the first time.

The second round was conducted by a well known Consultancy (CHANGE WORKS) from India to have an unbiased result, The consultants were reputed members of Indian Institute of Behavioral Science.

Out of all the round and let me tell you i enjoyed all of them so much i know its weird to have fun in a review process  but hey, this is me ! i liked the psychometric test the most named "FIRO-B"  its a  very  interesting  one, the questionnaire will have only 3-4 questions that will be asked in more than 50 ways just to check that are you presenting what you are or just making up the answers....in this FIRO-B test they had questions on whether the person is a team leader , follower , Social or Anti-social?

What ever may be the result i had to say that this was a day which really gave me the chance to understand the undiscovered dimensions of my personality.

On a lighter note:

P.S. Diwali is on 5th n i am very excited ! Happy Diwali to all of you in advance.


Love you all !