Monday, August 30, 2010


This is my first post and i am dead excited about it!!! So as Rakesh says, the one and only topic i can talk about day n night is IHM Kolkata....

It was the place that taught me how exciting life can be and what are these alienated people called "FRIENDS" are. i think all IHMites would agree wid me hands down, that all of us have earned one or the other thing there. If you ask any IHM kol guy the common memories one get across are Chacha ke dhabhe ki samose aur chai,Bharat dhaba ka aloo ka paratha, KSB, CPT xerox wali dukaan ,JAM Sessions, Fights over L.P. & not to forget aath baje wali girls hostel ki ghanti (i hated it the most)

Madhumita , she is the friend that i earned for life long ,there ..fought wid her ,poked her, shopped wid her ,spoke my heart out ,did everything crazy i could, without thinking that i am being u madhumita!!!

Talking about the third group (where i belonged) Cant forget the bakery classes of 1st year  where Nalin and Priyanshu made it so funny and interesting more than the faculty ofcourse...n how dreaded F&B classes were for me...kitni sare recap sessions bunk kiye the...Moumita & Paro the only day scholar friends ...Sumtimes i used to think , that how it can be possible that all crazy ppl have been admitted to the college, and now feel, that might be it was the place made us all crazy.

Watching movies at Ajanta or Ashoka used to be a big event on sundays..eating at pannas(remember the birthday parties that we used to arrange by pooling  the left-over money during month-ends) , shopping at Behala...

The most interesting of all was...."IHM Girls' Hostel"...memories of Hostel anthem ,Atthanni -Chawanni, the famous poem of "ek chhotti kashti mere paas", paani ki bottle bharna, birthdays.. terrace to sneak out in boys' hostel, jyotsna di ke alloo ke parathe aur brown color ki idlis (madhumita's favourite)

Mishra ki gai, Thacker's Strategic management ,  Mr. Alexander -Srijan , Alpana ki Dharamtalla wali shopping & Mohanty ka anda prem, ...these all cannot be replaced by anything and anyone.
looking back brings me all the endless happy & crazy moments that i had it there, wid all the other crazy ppl...
Luvvv u all!!!


  1. Seriously, girl, those were the days! Hated the studies, but loved the classes - nothing funnier than hearing Somnath Saha say 'paaticoolarly' or Debashis Das talking about the similarities between his dog and his wife; made friends there for life and friendships that will last longer; no matter where else I study, those were, are, and will forever remain the most memorable three years of my life, thanks in no small part to you. Keep writing!

  2. Seriously.....those were the days which cannot the brought back......Got some friends there who i know will stay wid throughout my life.

    But the most important part of IHM life was that it has given us few lessons of life...I know nimmi, u & srijan will agree to this.

    I remember the day when I got a slap from Late Mr Paritosh Banerjee in front of the whole class....u remember....He had asked me from which college i did my + 2 & I said, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack.& i did not know what happened to him after hearing this & he said U LIAR...u are saying that u studied in Ravenshaw College, the college from which Netaji Subhash Bose had passed.....ha ha ha!!!!!

    Moreover the best part in those 3 years was when i came to Korba to have chicken cooked by you.....remember....I didn't tell you....wen i returned from your place & reached Raipur, meri mami itna bada sa muh bana ke baithi hui thi....i jus asked mamaji wat happened to her & he said teri mami ko aise dohare kabhi kabhi padte hain.....Chal hum bar chalte hain..& it was so funny that time....

    Koi nahin mamma.....zindegi bahut chhoti hai mere dost....hum phir milenge....

    Luv u loadz......(yeh beta wala pyar hai....raku bhaiya ko boliyo sakk na kare)

  3. luv u too nimmi...

    cmpltly agree to u guyz...dose were d awesome days v wud cherish 4 lyftym...nimmi how cud u 4gt MINTO !!!! he was d icing on d cake.......


  4. n wat u have to say abt Shrabonee ma'am then.....

  5. quite a thoughtful reminiscence...

  6. I can never forget the decoding of M.G.'s msgs.

  7. holy crap !alpu how come i forgot to mention that!!!!!!!!