Thursday, December 29, 2011

One exciting day

After many days i am so thrilled, spoke to my age old buddy after he has come back , and the amazing part the  whole gang is planning to go on a holiday , the trip will be to the hill stations of India & will end up at my place.

Love you all


Monday, December 19, 2011

Buddha and the four horses

The Buddha once told his monks that there were four kinds of horses. The first (very good), upon seeing the shadow of the whip, is startled and follows the wish of its rider. The second (Good), startled when the whip touches its hair, & follows the wish of its rider. The third (poor) is startled after the whip touches its flesh. The fourth (Bad) is awakened only after the touch of the whip is felt in its bones & its hurt badly.

So there are people (very good) who are already awakened about their responsibilities towards their loved ones, some people (good) learn about their responsibilities & feel the attachment with their loved ones when they see someone at distant loosing their loved ones, the Third ones realize the importance of love when they loose someone close to them & the final (bad ) only realizes when everyone close to him abandon them for being alone all through their life & suffer the pain of being lonely.

We need to choose, which one we want to be.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Why not

Yes, why not, my life is easy, i wish who ever says this, come and live it for a day.I am living or dieing nobody cares, I am happy or sad no one is bothered, days important to me are not celebrated, after working the whole day to make things work out, i only get to listen , What i have not done in the whole day. Can i have my life back what it was! I dont wanna talk to anyone anymore, I am literally tired of making people happy around me, its sickening.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I owe you my smile

Even after all these years also how come you know when i need a smile , even without saying a single word, thanks for making me realize that how i was running after all immaterial things in life & after people who do not care about me, i have stopped now.

Sorry for not being there when you needed me.