Monday, December 12, 2011

Why not

Yes, why not, my life is easy, i wish who ever says this, come and live it for a day.I am living or dieing nobody cares, I am happy or sad no one is bothered, days important to me are not celebrated, after working the whole day to make things work out, i only get to listen , What i have not done in the whole day. Can i have my life back what it was! I dont wanna talk to anyone anymore, I am literally tired of making people happy around me, its sickening.


  1. And I return to the theme of responsibility you spoke of in your next blog post.

    I wonder, yet again, why we privilege the happiness of others around us at the cost of our own, their peace of mind at the cost our own. Why do we feel like we should be selfless when we could be selfish, instead! If we do not hope or expect selfless deeds from others, why do we expect it of ourselves! Why, as I write this, do I feel I am saying something I should be guilty of.

    This notion of duty seems to be so deeply embedded within our psyche that any attempt at extricating ourselves from it is doomed to failure. So, are we doomed to a life of broken dreams? I hope not.

  2. Its 8 years of knowing you and everytime you say something it makes so much of sense to me.

    Are people not aware of what the other person is feeling deep inside, or they pretend not to understand.