Monday, May 2, 2011


hey all,

I think i have developed insomnia..yes ...i have not slept from last three days n feeling wierd.My colleague is on leave and me dealing with Union issues, Procurements, Daily operation , month end operation all by my own...i like to work when no one is around. There are so many TO DO's in my list which i have to managing it..I went through a Reveiw process like everyone else who's working & had Happy results which has finally increased my Buying Capacity ( I hope this continues in future also...).I am trying to download movies but i think there is some problem with my Torrent.

Have to send a mail to Mr. N of my commercial dept for certain procurements which are pending from long time...Procrastination is something which i practise but hate when it is exercised by others...i know it is very hypocrite of me but this is how it is....

Some times when i read about entrepreneurs, i also feel like starting a venture of my own, might be a small enterprise only but still...

Right now me reading a book : To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (Thanks to Srijan)

P.S. i have promised myself that now onwards i ll be actively blogging..

See you all