Monday, October 4, 2010


Wishes are something which are never ending, we fulfill the existing ones only to find that they are been replaced with the new ones..I am going to write about my present wish list, things which are in my TO DO’s list from long back or have been added very recently…

Talking about my wish list which I wanted to do before December'10 ( it is good to have time bound things, it keeps the interest alive) so,
  •  I want to learn how to drive a Car and then go on a long drive on the outskirts,
  • Own one of the exquisite perfumes like CK1, or Elizabeth Arden,
  • Try out Flaming shots, Tequila Shots,
  • Go out and Dine in an exclusive restaurant,
  • Go on a Road trip to a secluded Hill station might be any place in Arunachal Pradesh / Meghalaya,
  • Go to Chowki dhani in Jaipur & sit around the Bon fire
  • Meet old Friends on a random visit
  •  Watch 50 romantic movies




Out of the above list I have started finishing my 50 odd romantic movie list, starting from last Friday, I watched "Runaway bride" on Friday , this movie is about a Would be bride who goes into this panic attack before her marriage every time and runs away, it’s a lovely movie,

Then on Saturday I watched "Notting Hill", this is again a Julia Roberts movie ,wanted to watch it from long long time, On Sunday watched “If Only” , this is a classic movie that I have watched I guess 2-3 times before but never got bored ever , this is one of my all time favorite movie & then yesterday watched “The notebook” again a classic romantic flick , which is a story of a couple who are crazy in love with each other…

Now I am downloading “A walk to remember” this is a movie which I have heard a lot about.

I would also try & finish up the other  wishes in my list very soon.

Love you all !!!


  1. If your wishlist is anything to go by, it seems you are coming up on a very exciting and exhilarating couple of months. And, the films you have seen seem particularly apt for anyone interested in seeing love unfold on celluloid. I presume you must have decided on the other 45 films you wish to watch, too, but if you have not, you could browse the 'American Film Institute's 100 Greatest American Romantic Movies' ( to see if you would like to watch any of the films listed there.

  2. @srijan: i also hope that i finish all these wishes with time n the link is amazingly helpful thanks a ton sweets...i would surely finish my other 45 movies frm the you