Friday, February 25, 2011

My Wedding

Yes I do admit that I am lazy its been two and a half months that I wrote anything but I had a special reason for it , the same reason which initiated this post -My Wedding.

So the date was fixed , my shopping was on, where me mum n rakesh struggled from home to Kolkata…but it was all great fun, me laughing over rakesh while he was struggling between attires for the wedding, From Choosing our wedding cards to finalizing the venue , menu & Guest List. Sometimes it was tiring but rest on most occasions it was fun to do things by my own as my most important day was planned & filled with my own choices…

Somewhere I have heard that people who are present in your wedding are the ones who remain very important all your life and now I believe it to the T. Mausi, Ba, Madhu, Alpana, Srijan, Anupam, Mishra, Arijit, Akansha & Smita are the ones who took the wedding to another level, it was more like a reunion than a wedding & top of that my entire family including paternal & maternal side everyone was present …that was something.

Me, Madhu & Priti Jee packed Gifts together, went to shopping (see this shopping thing was not ending only), sneaked to have Meetha Paan (Note: I was not allowed to go out as the bride to be , so it was like bunking a class in the college when it is prohibited). My phone was snatched few days before the wedding as Mum including Madhu  & Alpana wanted me to start enjoying the occasion rather than talking to the Shamiyanawala or Caterers for the arrangements.

We had A-M-A-Z-I-N-G fun at Sangeet (for the first time I saw Srijan & Piyush dancing!!!!), Mehndi n Haldi ceremonies. Mum worked day –in day-out to make everything Picture perfect for me & she succeeded too, I know she missed Papa on every step while doing it all ,I could see it in her eyes.
Mummy  & Mumma

People dancing on the beats- Sangeet ceremony

My Mehndi

Now coming down to the D day, the rituals started from early morning, soon I heard that the Baraat came and I started getting nervous slowly. Baraat was received & everyone was going and meeting Rakesh and I WAS NOT ALLOWED, I mean obviously  ...but still... We all reached the venue (I was late, as always, mum panicked and I managed, as always). Soon I was ushered by my sisters to the stage and what… I looked at Rakesh and fell in love with him all over again...He was looking STUNNING with his smile and look in her eyes that don’t worry everything is going smoothly.. We looked at each other, smiled and exchanged the varmalas before everyone that mattered to us...
After Varmala

After which the marriage ceremonies started, series of rituals, most importantly Gathbandhan, Pheres, Kanyadaan & finally Sindoordaan..The best part was, that the amalgamation of both the Cultures was done very beautifully, each one respecting the other. I missed papa on every ceremony.

So finally I had a Royal Rajput Wedding which I always dreamt off & finally I am married to the person I loved…..this feeling is very beautiful feeling.