Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ba... Ba... Birthday

Hey !

This is long time that i have written anything & was busy with things for the upcoming event..today i am not feeling very good, and the reason i started writing this post was because writing always made me felt better in not so good times, leaving all the annoying things...this post is about the best of the celebration in recent times and that was on 1st Dec on Babboo's birthday!

It started at 9 pm on 30th nov , when ba (short form of babboo) was underground in her room as me n ma were making all the arrangement , ma baked the cake (chocolate one, her fav flavour) n i decorated the living room (this is an activity that i did after a very long time, i think after college, where i always used to be in decoration brigade for any event in the college, not because i was very gud at that but because u get to see n eat during the final day of the event)

so at 12:01 am on 1st dec all ba's friends started calling  and me n ma were not able to wish her but after the traffic was over wished her n she cut the cake ( i added a 89 years candle on the cake- luvvvvv teasing her)....did all crappy thingssss.

next day a dinner was arranged for her two friends at home ( yes only two, she always has this "A" list only n not like me who end up inviting the most unwanted creatures also) so chinese dinner was arranged ( i tricked again and persuaded them & fixed my fav menu HE HE HE HE ).

All of us had dinner & then they had their own party.....music was so loud that me n ma were not able to hear each other  n then they sang & then they gossiped , no I was not hearing I just guessed and all that ...so basically it was a refreshing celebration for all of us.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Had a F.A.N.T.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Diwali !!!

This Diwali was one of the most memorable one......had loads of fun and on top of that got amazing gifts (n dat was the best part :) This post will have loads of pics which will say everything by itself !!!!

so it started wid the night before dhanteras where babboo, Rakesh n I decided to put up the lightings ( they were only holding the chair n were even not doing the same properly , some ppl can only  laugh on the girl standing on the chair trying to put up thing way above her reach....) still we completed it

mission accomplished !!!

D best shot

On 5th i.e. on diwali's eve , the day started wid a fight between rakesh n me on a silly stupid thing,  which didnt lasted long , thankfully...after world war 3 finished,we all went out n shopped , ate at Indian Coffee House (Only baboo ate, as she is a big Dosa-maniac )...we posed everywhere n clicked loads of pics....

on d way 

Dosa cried for mercy !!!!

both d sisters posing.....

After the shopping we came back n made rangoli , helped mum in the set-up, in the evening  mum did the pooja n I volunteered for singing the aarti ...which everyone including mum felt that it turned out to be a DJ remix of the aarti.... but i thought it was good ...see perception differ from person to person...

Tried a hand at R.A.N.G.O.L.I.

mum in her new sareeeeee

phataka time

Seriously! had a memorable time with mah ppl..... hope to have more funfilled celebrations next year......

love u all

Monday, November 1, 2010


Last week was very very busy, prioritized, scheduled but finally ended up interestingly. I had a review on Sunday can you believe on S.U.N.D.A.Y. i know, i too felt sick getting up early in the morning getting ready for the day which i had no clue about...

The review i am talking about is an Identification Process of Business leaders in my organization which are called as "STARS" .The First round is where 1000+ executives apply for this process & on the basis of your last rating in the appraisal, feedback by  your SBU Head & HR ,some 100 executives get selected for the second round & finally sum 40 go for final round....

so my schedule for the second round was on Sunday......the entire day was planned in 5 activities some group and some individual activities to test your mettle and to observe and analyze  the acumen of business...everyone seemed so tensed &  tried behaving in a expected professional way, except me , c'mmon it was very important. if you are selected as STARS your entire career would move up to an amazing level , Guaranteed Promotion, Great Incentives blah blah blah ....it is damn lucrative!

First of all  i was not  hoping to get selected for the first round .....but ok when i was informed to be one of the  few fortunate ones (This was the exact script used by the HR co-ordinator who informed me , i hope she is not reading this) i was tempted to go ,,, but i had a very different reason to go, i was very curious to know what would happen in that big conference hall with those serious  & intelligent looking people , just like a kid going to science park for the first time.

The second round was conducted by a well known Consultancy (CHANGE WORKS) from India to have an unbiased result, The consultants were reputed members of Indian Institute of Behavioral Science.

Out of all the round and let me tell you i enjoyed all of them so much i know its weird to have fun in a review process  but hey, this is me ! i liked the psychometric test the most named "FIRO-B"  its a  very  interesting  one, the questionnaire will have only 3-4 questions that will be asked in more than 50 ways just to check that are you presenting what you are or just making up the answers....in this FIRO-B test they had questions on whether the person is a team leader , follower , Social or Anti-social?

What ever may be the result i had to say that this was a day which really gave me the chance to understand the undiscovered dimensions of my personality.

On a lighter note:

P.S. Diwali is on 5th n i am very excited ! Happy Diwali to all of you in advance.


Love you all !

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Bouquet of memoirs

Yes, I did go to Durga pandal on Navami as I planned & wrote in my last post.

Maa Durga
Entrance to the venue

 I went there along with few of my school friends and that too accidentally & it turned out to be a bouquet of memoirs. I don’t know what happened & suddenly everything turned out to be nostalgic. Everything was just the same as past, the beauty on Durga’s face, the fragrance of incense sticks, the spirit on peoples’ faces…same faces including few new ones, similar stalls for tit bits, similar road vendors & a man playing  old Hindi song melodies on his flute….


Among all these things that I noticed, there was one thing that has surely changed a lot with time & that was Me….

Yes, I did feel that with years passing by I have changed quite a lot, in both good and bad ways….thinking about the good things, I have started focusing on priorities mainly, After loosing my Dad, now cherish what I have more, more often express my feeling to people whom I love (it feels amazing), & most importantly have stopped being bothered about what people think of me (this is biggest change that has happened in me, now I enjoy things more).

Talking about the bad things, there are "N" no. of things, I have become more calculative about doing things which takes away the fun of making mistakes & being silly, plan up about the future in a very “boring” matured way! Don’t do the Usual Nimisha’s stupid –silly things, like calling up a friend at the midnight and telling that how he/she is important to me or giving crackers to kids whom I don’t know on Diwali, or fighting for juniors before my principal and that too just before my campus placements. Stopped sending surprise gifts to friends- Gosh! Writing all this makes me feel how I have changed (Read –have become weird) with time, i was never so judgemental & calculative in life before …& I know that 5 years from now when I would be seeing this post, it will surprise me with the thoughts that I have now.

Don’t we all miss certain things like the excitement of riding the bicycle for the first time on our own, writing with a fountain pen, new dresses on birthdays, sharing the last chocolate with your sibling, the first crush in school and more and more crushes after that, the first day of college, first late night out….

her first ride......


Friday, October 15, 2010

Missed Ashtami

Hi all!

Wish all of you a great Durga Ashtami ! Durga puja has always been a festival that i looked forward to from the childood as this festival if full of enthusiasm , joy & great spirit not only to Bengalis but to everyone in India. Starting from the conceptualisation of Ma Durga's Idol till navami, each aspect of this festival has so much beauty in it. I was always inclined towards this festival & felt it so close to my heart  as i have few very close friends who are Bengalis , i even went to study in Kolkata & also worked there for an year (so u see lot of Bong Connection here) , n must say no other city in the entire world can match the excitement and enthusiasm attached with this festival, as Kolkata.

So today was Ashtami n planned to go to visit Durga pandals , but twist in the tale i was nominated for a Training session and had to go for an entire day session and when i came back had no energy left to go to the pandals .I know i am unbelievable sometimes...cmmon it was ashtami, but as it is said " Ab pachhtaye hott kya , Jab chidiya chug gayi khet"  Now i m determined dat would go tomorrow wid mum and baboo and would enjoy every bit of it...

By the way baboo went to watch the pandal  in her newly* bought attire( 7:30 pm* , as i was pestered to go out with her for her last moment shopping , as always)  with her friends.
(Clothes can be so so important in a girl's life , why didnt i ever learnt it man !!!)

Some pics that she posed for,

She was looking beautiful

D next NOKIA brand Ambassador
 Will post about my visit to the Durga Puja very soon ( If i dont end up being lazy as today).

Love u all

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Past week was filled wid lot of emotional outbursts for me..I had this panick attack as how difficult it will be to handle such a huge responsibility called " Marriage" ,i think people who are married or soon going to be married would understand this feeling, and my panick attack gave mini attacks to Mum & Rakesh...but some how they handled me,i can say this, that  i can be very very unpredictable at times....

But then i realized that the decision of getting married involves the excitement of the companionship of your partner, the happiness of sharing a lifetime with that one person you feel you can be best friends for your lifetime but at the same time it also involves  the big responsibilities of starting a new family , having new ties with new people ( this one really scares the hell outta me) & doing certain adjustments...(but who does not, even when we are single).

Rakesh has been very very supportive, reallllllly caring and loving nd most importantly has been my Friend with whom doing all crazy stuff seems to be so easy & natural........always made me so comfortable and very special for being the person i am....

So this new chapter in my life which is just going to begin is bringing out the best and the worst traits of me n i m trying to enjoy both & torturing others to the maximum extent... n if you dont believe then ask Mum , Rakesh & madhumita..

Rest ,,trying to be comfortable with the idea of getting married and planning up pre-parties with friends to enjoy it to maximum!!!

& hey as i wrote in my last to last post, I finished watching this movie “A WALK TO REMEMBER” an awesome movie , i believe everyone who is in love or not should watch this movie for sure!!

loveee you all

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010


Wishes are something which are never ending, we fulfill the existing ones only to find that they are been replaced with the new ones..I am going to write about my present wish list, things which are in my TO DO’s list from long back or have been added very recently…

Talking about my wish list which I wanted to do before December'10 ( it is good to have time bound things, it keeps the interest alive) so,
  •  I want to learn how to drive a Car and then go on a long drive on the outskirts,
  • Own one of the exquisite perfumes like CK1, or Elizabeth Arden,
  • Try out Flaming shots, Tequila Shots,
  • Go out and Dine in an exclusive restaurant,
  • Go on a Road trip to a secluded Hill station might be any place in Arunachal Pradesh / Meghalaya,
  • Go to Chowki dhani in Jaipur & sit around the Bon fire
  • Meet old Friends on a random visit
  •  Watch 50 romantic movies




Out of the above list I have started finishing my 50 odd romantic movie list, starting from last Friday, I watched "Runaway bride" on Friday , this movie is about a Would be bride who goes into this panic attack before her marriage every time and runs away, it’s a lovely movie,

Then on Saturday I watched "Notting Hill", this is again a Julia Roberts movie ,wanted to watch it from long long time, On Sunday watched “If Only” , this is a classic movie that I have watched I guess 2-3 times before but never got bored ever , this is one of my all time favorite movie & then yesterday watched “The notebook” again a classic romantic flick , which is a story of a couple who are crazy in love with each other…

Now I am downloading “A walk to remember” this is a movie which I have heard a lot about.

I would also try & finish up the other  wishes in my list very soon.

Love you all !!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

a day of Celebration

We celebrated Vishwakarma Pooja at my office this year with pompous & show, As a kid I remember that Papa used to take us to the plant for showing the Idols & working of the Plant, that time plant used to be open for all visitors on the day of Vishwakarma pooja,but now due to security reasons this practice has been stopped.

But, for the first time as an employee I saw this festival being celebrated in such a grand manner more than Diwali or Dussehra..

Lord Vishwakarma

While being a part of the celebration got to know the relevance of this day & why it is so important to all the people invoved in any mechanical operations.

Lord Vishwa karma is God of style. In the Rig Veda, Lord Vishwa Karma is the lovely engineer of the total world. He is the embodiment of the original power that welds world and heaven jointly. He is also known as God of manufacture.

At our Township office
At Administrative Building

Lord Vishwakarma decorated white and has a club in his wrists as well as holds a book, a water-pot, a noose and craftsman’s tools in his left hand. He is the revealer of the science of design and workings. Lord Vishwa Karma is called as Sthapatya Veda.

Lord Vishwakarma uses Pushpak Vimaan a rapid chariot. His creations number of worldly spaces and weapons. He is the maker of Dwarka, the town of Indraprastha and Hastinapur. Sudarsana Chakra and Agneyastra as well are also amongst his huge creations.

Rangoli at the entrance
Employees ,present at the Township Office

Mahabharata explain him as “The carpenter of the Gods, architect of a thousand handicrafts, the lord of the arts, the fashioners of all the ornaments, the large amount famous of artisans, on whose craft all menu manage to survive and is worshipped by all”. He is the presiding religion of all the architects and craftsmen.

Some Random Pics....

Plant -1
at Sheet Rolling Shop Department

at 540 MW power plant

at the I.T. Department

P.S. I would love to know about other festivals also from all parts of India which have very big Significance but not known tio all... EVERYONES' INPUT IS INVITED !!!

love you all

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Suffering from Vacation Amnesia......

Hi everyone,

Thanks to you all for reading my post & giving such encouraging comments..

This post is about my last excursion to Kolkata, my second home, as always felt about it. really get nostalgic thinking about Yellow colored Taxis, People carrying an umbrellas at all seasons, phuchkas, K.C. Das’s rasogulla, Chicken roll at Park Street and many more…

So as I mentioned the last time I went to Kolkata for a very essential assignment (Read- My wedding shopping), Rakesh & I, shopped at Burra bazaar, New Market and lot of other places & after finishing the massive shopping (as rakesh stated) we went to eat the delicious biryani at New Market….so those of you who have not been to Kolkata ….please add this as the one of the MUST Visit’s in your list….


After the entire exhausting & tiring session, we planned out the evening with Friends …so that evening we ate out at KFC -Park street, it is one of the nice & well managed outlets of KFC at kolkata.Some of the pics are there to show dat how we enjoyed and how much Mishra ate (But after all, it was KFC, it was justified).


and as all of you can see, who ate it all

Next day again we went out and shopped (my shopping seemed to be never ending- that was something that I am sure, my strolley felt) but this time I was joined by other friends also…that we went out to one of my favorite place Park street, I always wanted to have sizzlers at Mocambo as it is very famous across Kolkata (Read- one of the most sought places)..so we ditched one of our regular get-together junction Bar-B-Que…
It was our first visit at Mocambo so didn’t knew that it will be so crowded, so we didn’t made any reservation..

When we reached Mocambo, one of the steward/captain who was stationed outside the entrance to see & co-ordinate the table allotments & turn-overs , informed that we had to wait 40 min for our turn so we discussed & decided ( basically there were no discussion I WANTED TO GO AND HAD TO GO ) so while waiting people with different shapes & sizes were increasing –Sardarji with his entire family, some hard core Bengali socialites, a very beautiful couple-they were the only one who didn’t looked hungry or irritated as it is said,love makes every situation feel so beautiful…..hmmm I know m being very cheesy , forget it…so where was I ..yup abut the ppl and us waiting for the FOOOOD. After waiting for 3 rounds of 40 minutes more ..Finally we made it inside the restaurant ,AND ……it was worth waiting so much…the ambience is very quite, the smell of exotic food , & the best of all there was no TABLE TURNOVERS!!!

mishra, sumi & me waiting outside  "Mocambo"
another round of waiting 40 minutes, but still smiling

Yes there is a place on this earth atleast I don’t know anyother place like that…the orders were taken n guesss what I ordered, yes my long awaited Sizzlers Rakesh , Mishra , Sumi & Anupam ordered their likings… we spoked, laughed & had a great time seriously….

& finallllly had a great time

& hey even anupam made us try a new thing this time "Barf wala meetha Paan" at Park Street , and i know it is going to remain in my fav list.....

Anupam treating us with that Amazing Paan!!!

So guys if you planning a trip to Kolkata do include KFC Park street , BAR-B-QUE (my all time fav), Mocambo (Must visit), & try out the barf waala paan (near Bar -b-que) ....

Must say, i loved this visit!!!!

Love you all!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

RoAd tRiP !!!!!!

Hey all!   yesterday i was googling (as always...) on road trips ...n saw some beautiful pics...and suddenly came across one of the pics,which looked exactly the same as the way to my work ..and  i realised that i never really gave a moment to relish the serene landscape around...

So took out the camera n clicked through..

"Flock of Cranes "

"Security Check Post"
( Guess what the security guard was taking a nap when i was taking this pic n suddenly woke up n tripped from his chair, LOL!!!
The Entrance to the Expert's Club

View from my window

My  Office
& FINALLY .....My Desk

So guys, now have  to rush back to work!!

Luvvvv u all