Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Had a F.A.N.T.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Diwali !!!

This Diwali was one of the most memorable one......had loads of fun and on top of that got amazing gifts (n dat was the best part :) This post will have loads of pics which will say everything by itself !!!!

so it started wid the night before dhanteras where babboo, Rakesh n I decided to put up the lightings ( they were only holding the chair n were even not doing the same properly , some ppl can only  laugh on the girl standing on the chair trying to put up thing way above her reach....) still we completed it

mission accomplished !!!

D best shot

On 5th i.e. on diwali's eve , the day started wid a fight between rakesh n me on a silly stupid thing,  which didnt lasted long , thankfully...after world war 3 finished,we all went out n shopped , ate at Indian Coffee House (Only baboo ate, as she is a big Dosa-maniac )...we posed everywhere n clicked loads of pics....

on d way 

Dosa cried for mercy !!!!

both d sisters posing.....

After the shopping we came back n made rangoli , helped mum in the set-up, in the evening  mum did the pooja n I volunteered for singing the aarti ...which everyone including mum felt that it turned out to be a DJ remix of the aarti.... but i thought it was good ...see perception differ from person to person...

Tried a hand at R.A.N.G.O.L.I.

mum in her new sareeeeee

phataka time

Seriously! had a memorable time with mah ppl..... hope to have more funfilled celebrations next year......

love u all

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