Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ba... Ba... Birthday

Hey !

This is long time that i have written anything & was busy with things for the upcoming event..today i am not feeling very good, and the reason i started writing this post was because writing always made me felt better in not so good times, leaving all the annoying things...this post is about the best of the celebration in recent times and that was on 1st Dec on Babboo's birthday!

It started at 9 pm on 30th nov , when ba (short form of babboo) was underground in her room as me n ma were making all the arrangement , ma baked the cake (chocolate one, her fav flavour) n i decorated the living room (this is an activity that i did after a very long time, i think after college, where i always used to be in decoration brigade for any event in the college, not because i was very gud at that but because u get to see n eat during the final day of the event)

so at 12:01 am on 1st dec all ba's friends started calling  and me n ma were not able to wish her but after the traffic was over wished her n she cut the cake ( i added a 89 years candle on the cake- luvvvvv teasing her)....did all crappy thingssss.

next day a dinner was arranged for her two friends at home ( yes only two, she always has this "A" list only n not like me who end up inviting the most unwanted creatures also) so chinese dinner was arranged ( i tricked again and persuaded them & fixed my fav menu HE HE HE HE ).

All of us had dinner & then they had their own party.....music was so loud that me n ma were not able to hear each other  n then they sang & then they gossiped , no I was not hearing I just guessed and all that ...so basically it was a refreshing celebration for all of us.

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  1. Hey, same pinch! Writing is cathartic for me, too.

    By the way, you were in the decoration brigade in college because you were very good at it, not because you got to see the event and eat there. First of all, you never ate a lot in any of those events, for some reason, all the hard work, actually, made you lose your appetite. Plus, I still remember how angry you were with me when I had belittled the role of the decoration in the Freshers' Welcome 2005 that we had organised.

    So, stop being humble, it doesn't suit you. After all, you're Nimisha Singh, if you don't take credit for your own work, who will!