Thursday, July 26, 2012

Serial Cheaters

We have heard about serial killers who are these serial cheaters? So spouses /partners who  cheat because they lack the maturity to have impulse control, and they never should have pledged marriage  in the first place, they are serial cheaters. If this was a pattern during the dating relationship, breaking up because of an other woman/man and then getting back together, the pattern will surely not stop because you take marriage vows.

One person cannot do enough to make another person change. Change has to come from within, and that person has to want to change. This is one area when many spouses think, “If I had only been prettier, or sexier, or more something, they would not have cheated.” However, that is not the case. It’s the cheater’s issue, not yours.
So if you are a victim do not think that its your fault because if even you would have gifted with every best quality /appearance it would not have changed a thing.

So if you are victim stop blaming yourself because the cheater took a decision to ruin the marriage or relationship and not you.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Marriages are made in Heaven?

It starts with curses, then bad behavior, then beating and then … it never stops.

A girl marries with so many dreams in her eyes  that she will be loved , taken care of , her husband would be someone in her life whom she would look up to , he would be the one whom she would want to see at starting & ending of the day for her entire life. He will understand when she would be sad, he would wipe away all her tears.

But why in some marriages she becomes only a provider, a human being who is treated worse than an animal, she is beaten , thrashed and abused. Who gives such an authority to a man , the so-called husband. Are we females responsible for such inhumane behavior? Yes I believe to a lot of extent. Not everyone is blessed to have a perfect marriage & a loving husband but stopping the cruelty is something which is in the person’s hand only.

Why a wife does not walk away from an abused marriage? Because of the children? Because of the society? No, because of herself and her insecurities, because she gets scared of getting labeled as a female with a failed marriage or in some cases she assumes that there are possibility that the husband who abuses her, beats her, would one day finally have a change of heart, the evil inside him would die all of a sudden and she would be loved again. Wrong, completely wrong, it never happens. A female who allows a man to treat her like trash always suffers and she needs to break herself free from this web of poisoned relationship not for her children, her family or for her society but for HERSELF.

Marriages are made in heaven, need to re-think?

Monday, July 9, 2012

50 celebrated things -Part 2

So I am here with few more things which bring a smile on my face.

11. I love crafts

12. everyone close to me know this

13. This place brings back all good memories to me.

14. currently in love wid Jones, Akshi & Czar

15. I Love readings blogs rather than checking FB, 

16. Its wierd for some, but it gives me too much satisfaction

17. Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain par naam hain "Chatterbox"  haainn

18. Scribbling on a Slate

19. Reviewing finances -for me its a fun job

20 . I am a Perfume Addict

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

something i liked

I was browsing through Pinterest & this picture caught my attention.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest