Friday, August 10, 2012

Have I made it large?

Yes the title of this post was only a commercial ad for me till yesterday, I never questioned myself this before  until yesterday evening. I got to know about one of my acquaintance yesterday and she is doing pretty good for herself, It just made me think what I have achieved or done anything special for myself in recent years and I could'nt think of even one.

The first time I entered my college it felt I reached a different galaxy all together ( I am not exaggerating at all) I could only see people way smarter than me including my seniors & batch mates, & really self doubted myself that I will not be able to achieve anything in this place & will never have a single friend, out of these smarter & more outgoing people. But I was blessed enough to make through those years of college fairly well & even got friends forever.Then after finishing my college, started working , again that first year of hardship made me have self doubts but again worked hard enough to sail my boat across.But now what, I dont feel I am doing any justice of doing anything that I dreamt & planned for my life.

 I am not asking for more hardship . I have gone through enough but I want to do something out of my go work and get paid at the end of month scenario, so that I feel I am not wasting my existence and feel like myself again.