Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Them -Prapti

If anyone has seen Jab we met, they would understand what I mean when I say that I feel that the character of Geet is taken from Prapti.

So when we met for the first time in Bangalore I remember a girl from Delhi coming along with Ryan, giggling on some random issue (as always), to the place where I was sitting & the very first thing I noticed in her that , she was different, yes very different from me.

Then as everyone close to both of us knows that for almost the whole year we hated each other, but fate wedged us together and both of us had the same question in our minds -Why me? Why I have to be stuck up with her? But as they say destiny has its own plan and it certainly had, now she is one of the treasured friend that I have & need for whole for the rest of my life.

She is one person in my life who taught me, how to show the middle finger to life when it sucks, how to have fun even when you are broke, she taught me how to be courageous in a very bad situation & most importantly how to be in love with someone (please note- deeply & madly). She was the necessary dose of tadka in my well balanced & planned life.

When we met she was carefree, bundle of laughter, proud Delhite, allergic to public transport & now after all these years in addition to the above she is a strong minded wife & a superb fun mother who is managing all spheres of her life with the same ease the way five years ago she used to manage eloping from the Hostel in the middle of the night to meet Ryan. Do you have someone like her in your life, if no, then guys you are surely missing the spice in your life.



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

They say Indian Women are financially illiterate, are they nuts?

Ok, so few days ago this was a headline in one of the newspapers & after that there were lots of jargon on the same. But i do not agree with this at all. Women is that member in the family who manages & saves in all sphere of the family expenses yet provide good nutrition, comforts & other necessities to her family.

Talking about the modern financial tools like Mutual Funds, Bank accounts, Govt. Bonds, buying real estate & even Share trading (which was considered to be a male dominated area) all are being utilized and explored by modern Indian women to create wealth for their families & themselves.

May be some of us (including men) can be ignorant about these tools but can anybody explain me how can it be gender related?