Friday, June 28, 2013


Dreams.. we all dream , big , some small,  some tiny but all of us dream. We close our eyes & only see bits & pieces of happiness flying around us with tinkling of smiles..I too dreamt & still dreaming ...some came true some didnt & some still in the process of being true (Keeping my fingers crossed).



Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reading without spending a penny

I am very calculative when it comes to money matter but when I see a book that can invoke slightest interest in  my inquisitive mind , the whole Dr. Hyde & Mr. Jekyll syndrome just takes over me & I turn into this crazy person who would spend the hard earned money, from my sweat & blood,  Ok,  so now I am exaggerating but its true I spend huge amount of money on books...I know,  I know its a good habit but not when your house is changing into a monstrous book warehouse.

So while I was talking to one of my "To Read" mentors , Srijan, he kind of sold me over the idea of reading e-books, & that very moment I could see a bright light of heaven where I could only hear about some of the kind soul websites where I could download loads & loads of books...Ok enough it was Mr. Google & few were suggested by Srijan. But as a brownie point I even came across This  its a God sent website for audio books, so if you liked listening to stories when you were kid, I think you ll like it now also.

So do check out this website , I have already listened to four sections of  "Daddy Long Legs" which I wanted to read from a very long time. Its a beautiful story till now & will update about the whole audio book experience & the story.



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Junction

I created this space to stop & ink down the good , bad & ugly of my journey , but of late I have realized that I come down here and only write when I am in low spirits , whereas in happy times I completely forget about writing it down. I missed so many things like writing about all my holidays, the late night movies, chit chat sessions ,the books that I read , the movies that I watched,  late night drives,  fabulous meals by  Mr. Husband & many other happy things...

But no more of absent mindedness on happy times.