Sunday, September 12, 2010

Suffering from Vacation Amnesia......

Hi everyone,

Thanks to you all for reading my post & giving such encouraging comments..

This post is about my last excursion to Kolkata, my second home, as always felt about it. really get nostalgic thinking about Yellow colored Taxis, People carrying an umbrellas at all seasons, phuchkas, K.C. Das’s rasogulla, Chicken roll at Park Street and many more…

So as I mentioned the last time I went to Kolkata for a very essential assignment (Read- My wedding shopping), Rakesh & I, shopped at Burra bazaar, New Market and lot of other places & after finishing the massive shopping (as rakesh stated) we went to eat the delicious biryani at New Market….so those of you who have not been to Kolkata ….please add this as the one of the MUST Visit’s in your list….


After the entire exhausting & tiring session, we planned out the evening with Friends …so that evening we ate out at KFC -Park street, it is one of the nice & well managed outlets of KFC at kolkata.Some of the pics are there to show dat how we enjoyed and how much Mishra ate (But after all, it was KFC, it was justified).


and as all of you can see, who ate it all

Next day again we went out and shopped (my shopping seemed to be never ending- that was something that I am sure, my strolley felt) but this time I was joined by other friends also…that we went out to one of my favorite place Park street, I always wanted to have sizzlers at Mocambo as it is very famous across Kolkata (Read- one of the most sought places) we ditched one of our regular get-together junction Bar-B-Que…
It was our first visit at Mocambo so didn’t knew that it will be so crowded, so we didn’t made any reservation..

When we reached Mocambo, one of the steward/captain who was stationed outside the entrance to see & co-ordinate the table allotments & turn-overs , informed that we had to wait 40 min for our turn so we discussed & decided ( basically there were no discussion I WANTED TO GO AND HAD TO GO ) so while waiting people with different shapes & sizes were increasing –Sardarji with his entire family, some hard core Bengali socialites, a very beautiful couple-they were the only one who didn’t looked hungry or irritated as it is said,love makes every situation feel so beautiful…..hmmm I know m being very cheesy , forget it…so where was I ..yup abut the ppl and us waiting for the FOOOOD. After waiting for 3 rounds of 40 minutes more ..Finally we made it inside the restaurant ,AND ……it was worth waiting so much…the ambience is very quite, the smell of exotic food , & the best of all there was no TABLE TURNOVERS!!!

mishra, sumi & me waiting outside  "Mocambo"
another round of waiting 40 minutes, but still smiling

Yes there is a place on this earth atleast I don’t know anyother place like that…the orders were taken n guesss what I ordered, yes my long awaited Sizzlers Rakesh , Mishra , Sumi & Anupam ordered their likings… we spoked, laughed & had a great time seriously….

& finallllly had a great time

& hey even anupam made us try a new thing this time "Barf wala meetha Paan" at Park Street , and i know it is going to remain in my fav list.....

Anupam treating us with that Amazing Paan!!!

So guys if you planning a trip to Kolkata do include KFC Park street , BAR-B-QUE (my all time fav), Mocambo (Must visit), & try out the barf waala paan (near Bar -b-que) ....

Must say, i loved this visit!!!!

Love you all!!

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  1. This was indeed a very very exciting trip!! With Nimi around anything on the planet is exciting!!