Friday, September 17, 2010

a day of Celebration

We celebrated Vishwakarma Pooja at my office this year with pompous & show, As a kid I remember that Papa used to take us to the plant for showing the Idols & working of the Plant, that time plant used to be open for all visitors on the day of Vishwakarma pooja,but now due to security reasons this practice has been stopped.

But, for the first time as an employee I saw this festival being celebrated in such a grand manner more than Diwali or Dussehra..

Lord Vishwakarma

While being a part of the celebration got to know the relevance of this day & why it is so important to all the people invoved in any mechanical operations.

Lord Vishwa karma is God of style. In the Rig Veda, Lord Vishwa Karma is the lovely engineer of the total world. He is the embodiment of the original power that welds world and heaven jointly. He is also known as God of manufacture.

At our Township office
At Administrative Building

Lord Vishwakarma decorated white and has a club in his wrists as well as holds a book, a water-pot, a noose and craftsman’s tools in his left hand. He is the revealer of the science of design and workings. Lord Vishwa Karma is called as Sthapatya Veda.

Lord Vishwakarma uses Pushpak Vimaan a rapid chariot. His creations number of worldly spaces and weapons. He is the maker of Dwarka, the town of Indraprastha and Hastinapur. Sudarsana Chakra and Agneyastra as well are also amongst his huge creations.

Rangoli at the entrance
Employees ,present at the Township Office

Mahabharata explain him as “The carpenter of the Gods, architect of a thousand handicrafts, the lord of the arts, the fashioners of all the ornaments, the large amount famous of artisans, on whose craft all menu manage to survive and is worshipped by all”. He is the presiding religion of all the architects and craftsmen.

Some Random Pics....

Plant -1
at Sheet Rolling Shop Department

at 540 MW power plant

at the I.T. Department

P.S. I would love to know about other festivals also from all parts of India which have very big Significance but not known tio all... EVERYONES' INPUT IS INVITED !!!

love you all

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