Friday, October 15, 2010

Missed Ashtami

Hi all!

Wish all of you a great Durga Ashtami ! Durga puja has always been a festival that i looked forward to from the childood as this festival if full of enthusiasm , joy & great spirit not only to Bengalis but to everyone in India. Starting from the conceptualisation of Ma Durga's Idol till navami, each aspect of this festival has so much beauty in it. I was always inclined towards this festival & felt it so close to my heart  as i have few very close friends who are Bengalis , i even went to study in Kolkata & also worked there for an year (so u see lot of Bong Connection here) , n must say no other city in the entire world can match the excitement and enthusiasm attached with this festival, as Kolkata.

So today was Ashtami n planned to go to visit Durga pandals , but twist in the tale i was nominated for a Training session and had to go for an entire day session and when i came back had no energy left to go to the pandals .I know i am unbelievable sometimes...cmmon it was ashtami, but as it is said " Ab pachhtaye hott kya , Jab chidiya chug gayi khet"  Now i m determined dat would go tomorrow wid mum and baboo and would enjoy every bit of it...

By the way baboo went to watch the pandal  in her newly* bought attire( 7:30 pm* , as i was pestered to go out with her for her last moment shopping , as always)  with her friends.
(Clothes can be so so important in a girl's life , why didnt i ever learnt it man !!!)

Some pics that she posed for,

She was looking beautiful

D next NOKIA brand Ambassador
 Will post about my visit to the Durga Puja very soon ( If i dont end up being lazy as today).

Love u all

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