Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Itsy Bitsy

Sometimes i feel that everyday i overstuff my mind with so many things, things which are not necessary, things which makes me tempted to buy unnecessary liabilities, things which make me sad about an event in the past or things which force me to become insecure about the future and try and accumulate assets to make it comfortable as per my calculations now, its all stopping me to enjoy the moment which is right here , right now...

i go back home after work, watch somebody dancing on songs, biking, or learning lessons to woo a woman &  try to win something in a T.V. show. ..Question to myself -what do i get watching these people, neither i am getting inspired nor winning a contest at their places or even getting entertained... i really dont wanna spend rest of my stint on this earth doing nothing...

Am i the only one who feel this way?

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  1. Believe me, you are not. I too experience this on a daily basis and have been for nearly two years. More than a year ago, when the romance of finally being able to pursue my passion died out, I was faced with the fact that I was wasting massive amounts of time doing things I did not particularly want to do, but not doing things I tell myself that I do want to do, that I do love to do, like read the books I need to, write the article I want to, and overall, do the research I came here to do.

    Instead, in the last three weeks as a freshman research scholar, all I have done is sit idly in front of my laptop, surf the internet, and search for a video that I would like to share on Facebook every day at midnight with, of course, my 420-character long comment on it.

    And, after I do this, I wonder whether I will ever even come close to pursuing the dreams I see wide-eyed every single day, but to nothing to achieve.