Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Sitting by the window of my room today I think of the future..How would it be after five years, where I would be , what  I would be doing, will there be new people in my life, who would they be, how my relationship with R would be, would I be able to take care of mum & B with honesty as I try to do today. Will I create a better & more meaningful life for myself.

Every person who has come across my journey till now , had something to offer, sometimes I learned and sometime I didn't, as the cloud of complaining really didn't let me see the opportunity. There were & are lot of people, places, situations & books who have changed me for good & bad without me realizing it at that time.

Is it easy for a person to be compassionate & happy everyday. Is it possible for me or anybody to wake up everyday & feel contented. I am trying to be on that path but I know it is easier to be sad than to be happy cause it the choice that I would have to make everyday of being grateful of what I  have and what one change that I would like to make very single day.

Some changes that I want to have in me are:

Being away from my cellphone, T.V. & internet for once a while: I am one of those maniacs who constantly have to touch and look around for one of the gadgets.

Read more of Gretchen Rubin, Robin Sharma, Khaled Hussaini & other authors that I like very much.

Connect to friends on personal level & not on FB.

Walk everyday

& decide on a Mentor.


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