Thursday, February 9, 2012

Aaha moment

So, I had an amazing trip on our 1st Anniversary, courtesy :Rakesh (I have already shared pics on FB so will not re post here).Talking about the trip, it turned out to be the best of all our outings in the past.I saw Rakesh giggling, having his no-phone days after so long time, he was a complete buddy in a Pati Avatar. I had so much fun navigating the whole city with him, partying even on the roads, eating out disgusting stuff & laughing over it, counting every penny before spending ( and this time surprisingly Rakesh was the one concerned  and i was on the splurging mode). We even had our nerve wrecking moments in a completely unknown place, but that was like sitting on a roller coaster, so it turned out to be fun after it got over.

Highlights of the trip or the things I will always remember: amazinnnnng place where we were putting up, Mr. T-e-e our first driver, Colourful Taxis, Skytrain, Thai Sardar , the amazing singers at the pier & the breath taking cruise.

So finally, had a week of celebration, and now both of us dreaming about our next trip may be Kathmandu or any another continent, who knows!!

Last but not the least, I would like to mention two special people without whom this fantabulous trip would not have been possible: Madhumita & Ruchir. Thank you so much guys!!

Love you all


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