Friday, February 17, 2012

Shaken or Stirred

So, After putting procrastination monster inside me, to sleep , I went for my medical check up.Everyone pushed me , I kept ignoring , gave excuse of work, ignored the signs of my own body...and one call from Indu, left me with no options as to go to the doctor, as she would be leaving the city very soon and I would not have been left with anyone else with whom i am so comfortable  to go the doctor.The waiting rooms, nurses with a dry face, Different sort of people, the smell of medicines, everything about a Hospital scares me.

I have looked fine all through my life and felt nothing can go wrong even now, but surprise, surprise, I was wrong. Yes my reports were not all fine & I have developed a condition which would now require me to be on medication for all my life..& this condition became severe only because of one reason -my utter carelessness about my own self.

It has really shaken me up, thank fully nothing that I would die or something but still...Good things- Mr. Husband started to behave like husband , taking me to a doctor, taking care about my medicines..and now I know there are so many people who are concerned about me..

Do we all don't think that nothing can ever go wrong with us or was it only me..

Please guys, go and get your self checked, its very much needed, not because you would be sick or something wrong but because Precaution is better than Cure...& moreover medicines, visit to doctors sucks big time, believe me..


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