Friday, March 9, 2012


Drum Rollssss.... so its Saturday again & today the person who will be introduced at this forum does not require any introduction as she is an inseparable part of me.. she is my first kid as I have always believed & behaved with her. She has been the "silent secret keeper" of all the gray shades of my life.I prayed for her everyday when mum was expecting her , I don't know why but I desperately wanted a sister  & glad I did.

She is everyone's favourite, very calm & quiet , well balanced in every outlook towards life, so, in short absolutely unlike me.Yes being an elder kid you need to be an idol & role model for your sibling or atleast should inspire them in a good way , I dont know how much I have been successful in doing that but its absolutely true that I have learnt a lot from be meticulous about everything you do, to be disciplined in all your action  & to try and achieve perfection in every single thing you do (She has been a Topper in her class through out her school , best debator & the only girl or student who got two captaincies at the same time).

She is very choosy in every little thing, starting from clothes, music, food, places to hang out & even friends, from the time  when she was merely two years old , can you believe it! 

The only thing i have not learned from her is how to plug in head phones of a music player & turn it on to the highest level so that when anyone screams their lungs out ,you are in your own world ( seriously....she has this serious disorder).I love her with all my heart. 


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