Saturday, March 10, 2012

The question of Love..

Falling in love is the most beautiful thing that one experiences, the eagerness, restlessness, one gets happy by just seeing his /her name flashing on the phone, finds silly excuses to meet, keep every small things which has a connection with that special one.Oh my God, checking the phone every single minute seems to be so nerve wrecking, why he has not called, its been an hour and he has not sent any messages (may be its only in the case of girls) these questions are always crowded in the mind, we keep thinking about so many things that we would say & how would we say, his jokes automatically sounds humorous, the eyes seems to be speaking, his smile seems to be the most beautiful thing, & the silence between the  conversations are so difficult to handle.

I am not sure whether every one feels the same feelings or are there different feelings also...

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