Friday, March 2, 2012

MEET THEM- Madhumita

First Impression is certainly not the last impression, and that is why a snobbish looking girl (as per me) on the first day of my college became my Best Friend forever. She came after staying in Delhi (by that time she became Half Delhite ,as they say it), & I was from a rarely known Town , She aspired to be a Doctor & I.... by that time I didnt actually  thought of a serious career option..She missed her friends back in Delhi & I was extremely excited to make new friends.Yes, we met & were not actually fond of each other.

I was put in other room & she in different, but as the destiny had some other plan at the last moment our Warden  cancelled the name of her third room mate & wrote my name & that started the mark of  friendship.We were very different but very same, Had very different ideas about life but celebrated every single thought.

We were kept out of the hostel as punishment for the first time together,shopped , travelled . We laughed , cried even  lied also together( this is one of the many secrets that we share).She has been my constant support & strength till today. I cant really think my life without her existence. She has not only been a friend but a sibling to me.

My life would have been quite difficult without her.Thank you Madhumita for being there always.


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