Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Book Review- Krishna Key

So Dan Brown of India- Ashwin Sanghi has launched his third book- The Krishna Key. Its on the same line as of Chankya Chant & The Rozabal Line i.e. Hindu Mythology. The book is based on  the reincarnation of the blue God Krishna as kalki in kalyug.

The story has a interesting plot & lots of twist & turns.Some how I felt a similarity in this tale with Da Vinci Code.This story describes about a delusional man who thinks of himself as "Kalki" & kills people in the name of his reason of reincarnation.The protagonist of this story is a Historian who finds himself in the midst of conspiracy & wrath after the murder of his best friend in very mysterious situation.

This story takes the reader to a roller coaster of event & interesting situation ,from the very first line to the end. The best part of the books the research done & the historic maps used (as I have no clue how dependable /true they are).But somehow the similarity of the events in the book with Da Vinci Code is a spoiler. Yes its a very interesting one time read & way above in the Indian fiction genre which keeps the reader hooked. Waiting for more good work from Mr. Singhi.

Who will like this books:
People who find conspiratorial theory amusing would definitely like this book. This book is more structured than The Rozabal Line.

Who will not like this books
People who take offense on the fiction based on religion.

Rating: 3/5

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