Saturday, September 3, 2011

Story of a Blank Call

Hey all,

Today is saturday and one of the days where inspite of whatever happens i feel happy the entire day in anticipation of Off on Sunday..

I started this post to create my own space, to have freedom of writing, about, what i feel on a particular day or on an issue that i  have experienced.

So this one goes on how people have so much of time and are not happy about their own lifes that they play games of Blank calls with others , funny in the starting but at the end it becomes irritating even if you avoid it to a larger extent.I know people say avoid it, reject the call n so on but my poor phone even after having all the other hi end techonologies embedded into it, fails to have simple featues like reject calls and assiginig a silent mode for an individual number.....

Dont understand it...if someone wants adventure then go n do some adventure sports (Easy!!!!  n boss its safe to have fun that way) or want to listen to a any female's voice, buddy call any damn chick on your phone list, atleast u ll have a two- way conversation minus the slangs.There are so many serious cases that where  person have been so much harassed and are not able to track the caller, that they try to kill themselves or go in depression.It can be very serious at times too.

I think the service providers should have policies where if someone gives his/her proper credential and the service provider checks out that a particular number has really called up on the petitioner's no. they should provide the complete detail of ar****le and should call up from their side to give a warning...

But till then i think we have to wait n keep feeling victimised or have jugad in telecom circle n get the details of the anonymous caller and f**k him/her  hard.

This is the first time time that between the lines i have used slangs on my post, but cmmon i can write what i feel ...ITS MY SPACE.....


  1. Finally! You have used slangs in your blog. Nice to see you hanging out with us dirty people for once. You know, sometimes I too feel that I use slangs more than I should. But, sometimes, slangs are the only things that can best communicate our feelings of frustration and anger. So, if you want to fuck the asshole who is bothering you with prank calls, do it and do it without the **** (stars).

  2. I know, sometimes it feels so good by taking out that anger curb inside, even by the most improper way.