Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shopping -An Addiction?

So, it started with a  book , then few gifts for friends, then clothes , cosmetics so on & so on...and now the list seems unending...yes i have become a complete shopping addict..Somebody save me!!!

Two days back i saw one of my very closest friend "A" updated her Facebook status abt how, she is doing over-shopping & wants to stop, then i realised that i too have become a compulsive shopping addict, my house and specially my wadrobe is filled with unwanted clothes, books, too much of cosmetics , still unused fragrances n what not...and most of this things out of these , i have bought online...reasons great discounts, they deliever at doorsteps n the biggest reason i m a complete jerk.

Today while watching "Keeping up with Kardashians" series, i was taken aback how Ms. Kim was overshopping & I said to myself "cmmon who does a shopping of $19000 in a single store....yes you are right she shopped for 19 thousand dollars in a single store i mean approximately eight and half lakh rupees ...but i realised that i too have the same problem but not in such a big way (but cmmon for spending $ 19000 you need to even earn that much)...Nowadays i go broke till 20th of every month...yes u heard it correctly, so now u guys know when to call me up to help.

Finally  i have come up with few solutions that can hold me back for not going overboard with this syndrome:

1. I should burn my debit card.
2. I should donate all my money after paying for all necessary things, atleast the money can help someone needy rather than getting wasted to buy a lip gloss.
3. Write to all the online shopping portals to blacklist me from their customer's list
4.Change the user id & password of my Online banking & take a drug & erase my memory for the same.

Please drop in your suggestions if you have some serious ones!!!
Till then Happy No Shopping !!

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