Friday, September 9, 2011

A day of Introspection

I follow one of the Art of living programme, so yesterday the speaker was  talking about the most crucial topic that every one of us are dealing with & i.e. RELATIONSHIPS.

They dealt with issues like lack of understanding, Honesty, & Trust in relationships, and i was surprised that every one was dealing with the similar kind of issues in different form of relationships.

I feel we have made everything so complex, atleast me, i expect different behaviours from different people for the same situation, like i keep calling "R" the whole day that whether he had his food, what he is upto, when he is coming home and feel he doesnt understand my concern when he gets irritated , but when the same concern is shown by mum , i get  agitated sometimes, thinking that  I am not a kid eventually I get hurt from both the side...and its not because of anyone else i guess there is a problem in my behavioural attitude.

The speaker of the programme said that we can change ourselves & be happy rather than telling other people to change which is rather difficult or sometimes not possible.But i guess it is not that easy to follow , but i am still trying to better myself and keep my status calm and indulge myself into positive things rather than sitting idle after office.I really want to better myself as in want my soul to be so strong that it does not get affected or disturb because of things which are not really of much importance.

Om Shanti

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