Thursday, November 10, 2011

Watch Out

Feeling very lonely today and dont know why, may be because of all good old memories, people who cared about me, made me feel that i exist for them in an important way. I was pampered by everyone , Papa & mumma started it, friends in college made it worse.

I know everyone is dealing with issues in their lives &  everyone now have their own priorities ,other than making me feel good & happy all the time, but i hate to be less important.

Surprises = too many, tiresome (never valued them that time)

Surprises = do not exist

I miss all those daily dose of chocolates, my first bicycle, walks to ATMs, Guitar sessions, bagfull of cryons, out of no where candle lit dinner.

People say, whatever you give, you get back, but when? i am tired of being the good old nanny, cant really do it anymore..need a break from everything.

Pledge: For people to whom i am not important, they would not be matter of importance for me from now (Want to scream).

Thank you blogger, for giving me a space where i can write whatever i feel (Good , Bad or Ugly about myself, without being hyprocrite where i have to be only picture perfect & look happy all the time)

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