Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One Day of Being me

Last  weekend i planned up for a sudden trip to Raipur (Most of my trips are sudden only & end up paying too much for the tickets) : Reasons one & only reason and that was, wanted to have fun with people of my liking. Packed my bag with two pair of clothes & some cash in hand & started off... reached Raipur station at night with ba took an auto and directly headed to our family house but in the mid of it , stopped at "The Chocolate Story" , its a F&B outlet specializing in chocolate based drinks & yummy chocolate tit bits, there chocolate sandwich is a yummmm....so ba went & as per my instructions got our things packed while i was sitting &  praying her to come back soon, as the autowala was looking really unhappy about our sudden unplanned stopover.

She came back and we started having our stuff in the auto only , i was too excited to try out their highly praised stuff...& guess what in this whole enjoying our food thing, we lost our way ...anyway both of us tried our "find the way" skills, & reached home.

A blurred pic of The Chocolate Story

My cousin was waiting and from that point onward party started ,next day got up early ( read : 10 am that too when ba woke both of us) but on weekends this is early..


We went to Magneto this is one of the biggest Mall there , the first thing did was watching a 4D scary movie, screamed  & laughed at the same time, ate momos after a long time, ba had Fish Spa , & i finally got to meet one of my buddy from my CCD Days-Soumen . Had a fun time with all of them..

Momo- same as momo aunty's momos (exclusice to IHM Kolkata)

Ba enjoin Fish Spa

Sometimes it becomes neccesary to take a break from all your work & everyday routine & be the one you actually are, even if it sounds stupid to other, as it makes you feel the warmth of fresh air of happiness around you....

Love you all ! 

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